Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am soooo outta my leagues with most of you that are great photographers...or have the skills to tweak your photos! I have... neither skill and am not ashamed to admit it. However...every now and then...I get lucky!
So are what I consider to be my 3 best landscape photos...plz be gentle and kind...I cry easily when not on horseback!!!
This was last fall...right next to where Miss Mackena and I posed for our "in the ocean" photo opp!
Joshua National Park...1st ride on Jesse after his summer down south!!! ( Remember...I pee'd my saddle on this ride!)My favorite TREE oat our house Fall 09! OK...I was sneaking a cigarette when I noticed the vibrant red in the tree...just like my hair!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Jesse, I don't tweek my photos either. They are "straight out of the camera". First of all, I don't have Photoshop. Second, I don't have the time or patience to sit and tweek them! LOVE your Joshua Tree one. That is only an hour from our home in the desert!

  2. They are all gorgeous. Maybe next time you're here I can help you download a couple of picture editing programs if you want. It's fun to play around in, but you might not want to take the time to hassle with it. If we were as good as Pony Girl, we wouldn't need to cheat! Your three pictures are beautiful as is. Hope all is well with you and have fun on your upcoming adventure!

  3. Hi it's Pony Girl! I'm on Dusty Devoe's computer! :) I love your pictures! They would be cool blown up and framed.
    Enjoy your weekend of riding, we missed you this past weekend!!! xo

  4. Those ARE really neat photos!! And if you want to see someone who is clearly "out of the league" of most of the blogger photographers, take a gander at my blog! then you won't feel so bac.
    P.S. -- Your first picture here almost looks like a painting....

  5. I like these photos...The first one does look like a painting!


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!