Thursday, April 30, 2009

Party Boy!!!

Is there anything cuter than a happy 2 year old at his birthday party!!! Even though the birth of his new sister 3 1/2 weeks early, made this last minute gathering of family to celebrate... smaller than planned Jed, was a true party boy!

Jed's guests included,

The Rosa and The Rosa Jewel!
The Rosette!

Papa, Toby, his Mommy, The Rosebud and Zsa Zsa!

(Not pictured are the daddy and uncle)

Jed loves his cupcake!!!

Yup...I'm 2 years old now!

The Rosa Jewel gets lots of love!

The Rosette just realized she did not get a CUPCAKE and even though it is not her party...she will cry because she wants to!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Quest for the Crest!"

The Desert Rose has a dirty little secret that she feels safe enough with all of you now... to keep her secret. I have been intrigued by the Pacific Crest Trail for years now! ( from now on cowgirls, it's the PCT!!!) I dreamed about riding through the high pacific coast mountains from Mexico at it's beginning, to Canada... it's bitter cold end. So much so that I began investigating and found that from my lowly desert dwelling I could... within less than one hour, be at "A" PCT trail head! OMG!!! Is that "unfuckingcowgirlbelieveable!" (50 cents in the cuss was a long word!)

I have to tell you though now that...I am not a PCT Virgin. Yes.... this is a hard thing for me to say!!! I was... fortunate enough to ride a segment of the" PCT last year till a "BIGFUCKINGTREE" (25 cents in the cuss jar!) stopped us after 2 1/2 hours into the trail. Well it made for a GREAT 5 hour round trip ride...however I do not have any digital pictures from that ride. After that ride, I went on to Amazon and ordered several books to read up on it! I am not going to bore you NOW with it's history, I am just going to take you for a ride on the PCT!

Although Jesse is not quite awake...The Desert Rose has been up since 5am to ride the PCT!!!!
Isn't this beautiful???? This map shows the S CA PCT !!!
Another view for you to see!
As usual...Little Lady's butt is ahead of us!!!!

This is what we see in the distance!
Getting closer to the rocks!

We have been gradually climbing on this nice wide sandy trail for about 45 minutes now and are getting to the rock formations!
Here is our first obstacle...Jesse asked me how I expected him to squeeze his big quarter horse butt in between that big rock on the right and the log to the left. I told him if he could not go by it he will have to go over it!!!

Passing by "Penis Rock"!
Jesse tries to peek around the corner...snakes are out these days!!!
Time for a mimosa pick me up!!! See the big tree behind the Bossman that has been nicely removed from the trail!!! We have passed many such trees all sawed up off the side of the trail...sometimes the tree is still there and we have to go over or around it. The term for this is "blow down".
Those mimosa catch up with you fast and I needed a pit stop. not pee on a rattle snake, it pisses them off! LOL
So here it is...the BIGFUCKINGTREE (25 cents in the cuss jar) that stopped our ride last year! It is in a very bad spot on the trail, but at least is has been cut and moved off the trail as best as can be.
We climb to the top of the hill to branch off on our lunch trail.

Jesse and I are in the lead so I turn and get a shot of the Bossman and Little Lady!

We are headed down to the group of Oak tress down below, about a mile ride.

Jesse's bridle is hanging on the sign!

Little Lady and Jesse rest in the shade!

The Bossman sets the "log table"!

OH OH...what are you 2 kids doing???
Oh horse shit Jesse...your mom caught us chewing on the tree!!! What's she gonna do to us, make us take a NAP with our head up against the tree???

No, if I know my mom she will make us sniff an evil "cow pie"! Or 2!!!
The evil cows sometimes escape from their pastures in the high desert and roam on down to the "springs" for a drink of "cool clear water!"
The Bossman is still putzin around the picnic grounds!

Finally, our humans have finished their BLT lunch...and wine and now we have had our lunch and get our 2nd drink of water before we head out on the trail again! Watch how we share our water photo opp???

Jesse says, Wow...were we good or what??? See ,we have known each other since Little lady was 6 months old...I feel like her older...handsome brother!!!

Little Lady... look what you did to my mom's chinks!!! The rule of the trail is do not spill mom's drink...or slobber on her chinks!

We are now back at the PCT head ... only we know a little secret..if we go through this gate we will come to a fire road and can ride a loop!!! ( our humans do not like to go back the same way we came!!!)As we head up the trail it is soon apparent that this trial is not as well maintained as the PCT! But other than a bit of snow and a few ticks... we manage to make it to the fire road in no time!

See that dirt road out in the distance... we have to go farther than than that to get back to the trailer!
Jesse's and Mom's last photo opp of the PCT, 1ST SEGMENT!
We finished the trail, loaded up and headed home. WOW...what a ride!!!

So have now ridden the 1st segment of The quest for the Crest!!! You can bet you will get to ride the PCT with The Desert Rose again soon!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Circus Horse!!!

Did you know that Jesse is training to be a circus horse??? He knows many tricks and we keep learning more. The problem is...he has to be "in the mood" or it all falls apart! Jess can shake hands, this is one of the few tricks he will almost always do. He can count...sometimes. He can bow, if he doesn't count instead. He can give a kiss...and a hug...and then a BIG HUG!

However, Jesse's most impressive trick is this...

And this is the one trick Jesse will do every time!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Friday, April 24, 2009


So... one day while I was at target I saw these very cute little cat nip toys! Now in the past I have bought many toys for our cats, Oliver and Suzy Q but nothing has ever striked their fancy as this!!! In fact, I had not even unloaded the bags from target before Suzy Q ripped into them!

I was unloading personal grooming items from a bag... when WHAM...Suzie Q attacked the bag on the floor!

It happened so fast...that I really did not understand what was up with her!!!

Then...I guessed why she was a maniac~ Mom had bought a couple of CATNIP toys and they were still in the bags... she just could not wait for me to unload "her bags of toys"!

Suzy rips open her present!!!

It's hard to see, but she has a bee and a chipmunk!

The bee is in her paws and he proves to bee her favorite even now!
Oliver does not seem to be impressed with either is beneath his dignity!

Suzy Q has performance anxiety!!!

Oliver decides the Bee is quite a nice guy after all...Mom!

Mom also bought us these stupid sunhats!

Pleases take these hats off us!!!!

Your Desert Rose!