Friday, April 30, 2010

Never Look a Gift Horse in The Mouth!!!

Baby Doll is a very talented Cowgirl as you all know. She is a pastry chef and most of you have seen/tasted her wonderful bakery goods. However as if she isn't already more creative in her little toe than I could ever be...she decided to learn a new craft during her season in AZ this year and I am the very lucky recipient of the project she worked on all season!

This was staged so you all could see this wonderful work of art!
As you can see...Baby Doll used a Heineken Box to wrap my gift in...maybe a gift wrapping course would be in line for next season???
At first I thought for sure she had made me a Jackolantern...
But...look at this this gourd...Baby Doll learned to etch..and weave the pine needles at the top...and much more was done that I can't remember. She attached it to a beautiful slab of marble!!!
Baby Doll told me that she had wanted to make me something for my tack room, but there is NOFUCKINGWAY (25 cents in the cuss jar) that I would display it there. This beautiful etched gourd is going in my desert house ad I know the perfect place for it!

Thank you Baby Doll for this wonderful must love me a lot to spend so much time to make e something so beautiful!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Desert Bar Boss!

My desert riding group has a monthly dinner social during the season. This year I was the Chuck Boss which means I make all the arrangements for every event we have that has a bar or food. Making the arrangements is the easy part...I did this for a living for 20 years. It's dealing with...the members that can get a bit tricky at times. Of course it would have helped if I had been given a list of expectations before my term on the board...I hate it when I feel I am not doing the best I can.

Last season when I was considering taking on this responsibility... The Bossman tried to tell me that it probably was not going to be...easy for me but I decided to take my turn on the board and just Cowgirlthefuckup and do it! (25 cents in the cuss jar) During my talks with the Bossman he agreed to be the bartender for the next season. He had done this job for years for the group and had retired from that job 2 years earlier. I also hired the Bossman's son-in law to be my caterer for the season. This was such a wise decision on my part because 5 of the events are done in very unusual places. That means tables, chairs, and ALL the equipment used to caterer and event need to be hauled to the location and set up. The Bossman and his son-in law have taken care of this for me this season and I know that I would not have been able to do this with out their help!

So here's to the Bossman and his family for all they did to help me during my Chuck Boss Term!
Your Desert Rose!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Doll's Last Ride!

Yup...up to the very tip top of that mountain is where Baby Doll is going!!! Recently Baby Doll stopped by the desert to visit and get in a ride with me on her way back to the PNW. Yes...her "snowbird" season is over and she is now back in the evergreen state! Since we only had one day to ride I wanted to take her on a ride she has not been on before. Since the Bossman was not able to join us, I decided that I would not hook up the trailer but instead take her on a ride from the stables. Baby Doll has ridden all but a few of the trails in my "back yard" I had to rack my brain to remember the trails she had and had not ridden. I think I still have a few to scare ( surprise) her with.
We got a late start because our riding buckaroo's that were going to hook up with us had left me a voicemail saying that they would not be going with us...only I did NOT get that message. to make a long story short...Mama and Cowboy H missed a great ride with us on the CLARA!!!

The CLARA is a ride that few people do from our stables...I believe this trail has gotten a bad reputation from people riding it that had horses that were not trail savvy...or maybe the riders themselves had "fear of heights" issues, but the trail is spectacular and offers a 360 degree view of the valley! I knew Baby Doll was up to the ride because anyone that can swim in a river bareback on a horse can do anything I could throw at her!
Up at the top of the CLARA are tie rails for the horses...
And picnic tables for us!
By the way...the dirt road you see in the background is kinda like SARAH PALIN'S bridge to nowhere...because it goes now where and is a big folly. Someday I will tell you all about it~
Here is another view from the top of the world!
Do you notice all the trail bags and blankets on Jesse's back??? Baby Doll insisted on taking that blanket with her even though I assured her that we would NOT be spending the night!!!

Coming down the backside of the CLARA... Lady loves the view and is ever so careful on the steep, drop off, switchback, scary trail!Jesse and Baby Doll are almost home...Jesse can see the stables from here and is thinking about his dinner!!!

I just got say this...Baby Doll you have exceeded my expectations in your riding ability and I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to you being here in the desert with me next season!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's A Jungle Out There!

Mama H over at the HOMESTEAD tagged me and now I'm it. The rules are to post your ninth photo in your files...(or something like that) only like Mama H...I have so many photo files the rules don't really apply to the way I keep my photos. So...I decided to post the 9th photo in my most recent downloaded photos off my camera!
The "Rosette" and her brothers recently visited us here in the desert and she sure loved Zsa Zsa's tigers!!! Thanks Mama H for tagging me...oh ya, and thanks for the loan of Cowboy H today!!!
Your Desert Rose!

Monday, April 19, 2010

We hade a pot luck earlier this year at our house. I make the entree and some else makes the salad and some one brings desert. Then we all bring a small appitizer to eat during the coctail hour. One of our friends...a doctor made and brought this to my party, and I was real impressed with his work!

And I gotta say he was quite proud ofit too!!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So You Have a Gelding???

I think that there is a mix of you out there...about half of you have geldings and the other half, mares. I just learned this year that mares can get a waxy build up around their nipples and they need to be checked from time to time to see that they are not waxed and inflamed. Lady is pretty good about grooming her teats...when she rolls in the arena...just before she gets up she uses her teeth around that area to groom. She probably does that because IF she didn't The Bossman would use the water hose and spray her teats. She must think if that's the Bossman's before play...she don't want no part of it!!!
Now...the other half with Geldings/Stallions there is another rather private area that needs to be checked and attended to from time to time. SHEATH CLEANING!!! Now most us us Cowgirls just add it to the vets list at the same time as the dental appointment ( Jesse for sure needs to have meds for this or he will COW KICK YOU!!!) He always has a bean of wax (or 2) and has a very nasty sheath even though it's done 2x a year. The vet said it can't be done more often than that or it actually gets worse. There is no nastier job that a Cowgirl would choose to do!!!

So imagine my surprise at a PONY COUSIN gathering when I glanced over to see this!I just had to ask my PONY COUSIN what she was doing???My PONY COUSIN just smiled sweetly!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rosa Jewel!

Isn't she just the cutest baby???

This is a picture from last fall but I want you all to see how serious the Rosa Jewel is about her name sake.

Oh ya...she wanted to show you her shoes...ring a bell with anyone???

Your Desert Rose!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cowgirl Showplace!

It's finished! Well...almost finished. But enough is done that I decided to go ahead and share it with you now.
Here is my saddle rack, kids saddles on top, my saddle in the middle and Baby Doll's saddle on the bottom.'s not really Baby Doll's saddle...but it's the one she uses when she rides Jesse. It is the "guest saddle". Notice my Pendleton blankets over a pad beneath each saddle. The Red & black hanging tack caddy holds my riding gloves, bit wipes and odds and ends that need a small space to store. My grooming kit is on the floor by the window and the bath kit is behind it. Beneath the saddles is a rolling bag that stores extra saddle bags, cantle bags, horn bags, and extra cinches ect. There are extra halters hanging in the bridle bag.
In the center are my pomel bags and hanging over them are my COWGIRL KARMA HIPSTER belts that I always ride with!!!
And of brand new saddle pad rack!!! There are several saddle pads on the rack and over the top are my saddle bags. I have several different sizes depending on the length of the ride and of course difficulty of the ride. If there is not water on the trail...I always carry water for the horses with their little red water bowl. easy boot, and first aid kit for any ride over 2 hours long. If I take lunch for me...I always pack one for the horses. It is so funny...any horse that rides with me knows that auntie will feed them their lunch... when we are done with ours! By the way... the "show piece" saddle and black Pendleton saddle blanket was a Xmas gift from the Bossman this year! I don't want to use it and ruin it. I love how it looks hanging there!!!
I was standing in the doorway taking a picture of the center of the tack room but the sun was so bright all you see is my shadow!This was the picture I was trying to take. My visors and everyday riding hats hanging on the horseshoe hook. In the middle is my Zsa Zsa brag board with feed/snack bins beneath and then the "special halters and bridles" are hanging over another storage bag for riding things. This one has TP (Charmin) panty liners...all sizes, sell phone holders with clips for my guests, extra sun screen and other personal items! Notice my new sign over the "special halters and bridles" rack??? I had this made at the Palm Springs Rodeo! Notice...that "Lady" has a place on the sign???
Here's the fridge...we keep lots of carrots, apples, raisins, cheese "lemonade" champagne, water and COORS LIGHT! Freezer has frozen water, lemonade and chilled glass's for Mimosa's! The red bin holds all kinds of trail snacks...a very popular feature of my tack room. My window is open for a nice breeze...the cupboards and cabinets hold all sorts of personal...3 for lunch/food items and the big cupboards have extra fly spray/shampoo ect stored in them. Oh yes...the left hand drawer is a catch all!!!
Everyday halters and bridles hang right at the door!

Hanging above the door is my Xmas gift from Mama and Cowboy H 3 years ago!!! And the one new new brindle cowhide!!! I thought for sure the Bossman would hate it...but he and his grandson...noticed it and approved while sneaking in for a "grandchild snack"...see, I told you the red bucket was popular!!!

I do have some plans for either an easy chair in the corner or if they are still available two matching chairs from a second hand store...we move the chairs from the outside inside quite a bit because it gets cold once the sun goes down.
For those of you who haven't seen my tack room are some pictures of the outside. The trail bags are sitting outside getting ready to go for a long ride! Side of the building has a tie rail just out of the picture!
And of WELCOME sign to all Cowboys!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cowgirl Decorating!

I think you have all seen pictures of my tack room here in the desert. I have one of the 3 (coveted) cedar buildings with it's own porch. I even have a sink on the porch witch really does come in handy. No hot water, but it works great for filling the horses water bottles and rinsing out things. I used to share my tack with "The Ghost Rider" but she has moved to another stable and does not at this time have plans to come back here. The big joke around the stables is...who did you have to sleep with to get that tack room??? Now, it's no secret that the owner of the stables thinks I am a bit long in the tooth for him...

Private tack rooms are only assigned to year round boarders and The Ghost Rider and I had agreed to pay board full time to be able to get a private tack room. Oh the horror stories I could tell you of sharing a tack room!!! Anyway after The Ghost Rider left the stables...I was worried who they would put in the tack room with me because the tack room is meant to be shared. But because Little Lady will be mine when I come back next year and I will be paying board for 2 horses I hope I do not have to share my tack room. Quite is hard to be sharing always seem to get in each other's way!

I have been waiting oh so patiently for the Bossman to have a day off so that he could help me do the work. I said I would get one of the wranglers to help but he poo pooed that idea...he said they do a lousy job. I think he really wanted to add his opinion to where everything should go if you ask me!!!

One wall had 2 rows of 3 saddle racks side by side. I do not need that many saddle racks but I do need a saddle pad we took down the saddle racks and discussed for an hour how and where the saddle pad rack would go!

When I arrived the Bossman had already taken out all of my tack that would be in his way and put it in the back of his truck!

My pop up barrel's and poles will go back in the trailer now for storage as I am done with them for the season.

Tack that is going back into the tack room after the remodel is all over the porch!

The counter is full of nails, screws and whatchamacllits!
This is where the 2nd row of saddle racks was! The Bossman is moving hooks that will be in the way!

And yes...even though it was not a ride...the Bossman tended bar!!!

I will be posting pictures of the newly remodeled tack room soon!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cowboy Blowout!!!

I think that we all believe, that if we Cowgirls had a flat tire along the side of the road a Cowboy would surely come along and change the tire for us! maybe it's a fantasy!

But I have to ask you what does a Cowgirl do when a Cowboy has a blow out??? Pretend you don't see it and try hard not to stare at his crotch??? Offer to patch the blow out??? Get him back on his horse QUICKLY???

Or do you do what the Desert Rose did...ask to take a picture for my blog!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I think that most of you lunge your horses...I wish I could because I know that it is so useful in gaining respect from your equine. I remember my niece PONY GIRL doing her PONY COUSIN equine dance with "her boy" on a lunge line playing the Parelli games with was very entertaining and so cute to see them play together.

However...most of you know that I am plagued by SEAHORSE SICKNESS and am unable to lunge my horses. So that means free play in the arena if I need to get them moving. Some people don't like to be in the arena with their horse can be a bit un-nerving and with some horses... dangerous. You really have to know your horse to be out there with them when they are bucking, farting , and kicking, they are NOT focused on you. I have had Jesse since he was a 2 1/2 year old baby and had just come out of his 3 months training. Jesse was an "old soul" from day one. He had never had a person to be his, and had been...neglected both physically and emotionally. So it did not take him long to realize that he wanted ME to be his person and did everything he could to make sure that happened. I always turned him out before a ride when he was a baby...I wanted those bucks, farts and kicks outta the way before we hit the trail. And back then...I was NOT the Desert Rose you read about here. I also was a physical and emotional wreck. It is too long of a story to go into here...but someday I will post about it.

So I have played in the arena with Jesse for years now and a few other horses that I know and trust. One being Cowgirljlynn's Missouri Fox Trotter...The King! Then there is Little Lady...who is one that I am careful with at free play. If I am in her way as she is playing I know I had better be the one to move because she may just knock me over. Where as with Jesse...I know he will go around me...even at the last possible moment sometimes. He loves to run by me fast with his head turned sideways as if to say "nah nah na na nah you can't catch me"! He will run circles around me making the circles smaller and smaller and smaller until after about 10 circles around me...when he stops running, I can reach out and pet him!The King does the same thing and as they go by me I call them a smarty pants which I KNOW they understand!

Since I have had bronchitis now for over 2 weeks and the Bossman was gone for a week the horses have not had much out of stall time. Yesterday was quite windy here in the desert (I was not up to riding anyway)..and the Bossman got blown outta his 1st ride and did not get to Jesse and Lady...I decided to turn them both out.

Jesse was first...The wind stirs them up, so out of 60 pictures here are some of the best!
Ya... mom was right...I did NEED to run!
Just before this picture...Jesse did a perfect flying lead change!Big butt Q-horse sliding stop!
Look at how muscled up Jesse is...even after 2 months off!
I call Jesse and he knows it's time to get out now and comes to me!Then Lady's turn...she HATES wind and got very upset if I left the arena and she was all by herself. I am more cautious with her but I think by the time I come back to the desert next season that she and I will have established the rules and we will play more "safely" together! The best of Lady's pictures follow! She put her head down into the wind! She was also not looking at me cause I was making her move!
If you look at her hooves angle...she can almost see that she is gaited horse.
Wish I could of gotten the whole shot here...she had a GIANT buck/fart here!
I'm all done now MOM!

Your Desert Rose!