Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "Teqiula Rose"!

A few days ago I stopped by the wrangler's house at the stables to say goodnight to them. They were all sitting around out on the "veranda" with a beer telling "tall tales" after a long 11 hour day of wrangling horses. As I chatted with them I started to notice that someone was trying to sneak into my purse!

The "Tequila Rose" is an approximately 7 month old Healer that belongs to The Tattooed Cowpoke! Notice that she is trying too get in the zippered compartment on my "fabulous" cow hide purse where I keep my quarters for the cuss jar! The Tattooed Cowpoke has been working hard with her training and she knows many fun tricks. She can play "bang bang...your dead" fetch, and now she's a pick pocket!

A picture of the Tattooed Cowpoke on an earlier trail ride with us this year! That is "Crow" real name "Dirty Chicken" who has broken a bone on EVERY wrangler that has been un-lucky enough to be assigned riding him. He is the stable owners #1 roping horse that does not seem to like the extra credit home work of guiding trails!

You may not be able to see this clearly but...yes that is my hand in her mouth! Auntie Desert Rose says..."Tequila Rose" do not bite the hand that will feed you cookies!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Last week when The Rosa and The Rosa Jewel were visiting us in the desert "the boys, papa and the daddy" and "the girls, Zsa Zsa and the mommy" took turns doing something fun. The boys did "boy things" and the girls..."got Pretty Toes!"

Lovely sea salt exfoliation, softening hot wax, and pretty new polish. Oh ya....we both choose someting personal for one big toe. The new mama Rosa picked a baby foot print and The Desert Rose...A Horsey foot print!

The new mommy toes!

The Desert Rose toes!

Toe Photo Opps!

Soooooo... a bit blury... but very Happy, Pretty Toes!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jesse's Saddle Bling Award!

Jesse's Saddle Bling Award!
Dedicated to Cowgirls who Love Bling!

Jesse has decided that he wanted to do something fun for all those cowgirls out there that love bling the way his mom, The Desert Rose does! This award is a picture of the stir up on his saddle.

These are the rules...once you receive the Jesse's Saddle Bling Award you must post about your favorite 3 bling items for your horse, 3 for your house and then 3 for you! Please include pictures when you can. Then pass this award to 3 new cowgirls who love bling! Yes you can be fancy and link to posts and all that stuff but don't worry if you don't. Just pass along the love of bling! don't forget to let your Bling Cowgirls know of their award!

I will start off the award by posting "our fav bling" items ...this will be hard cause I am the bling queen so, Jesse's bling first!

Horse Bling!

1. Jesse's hair on hide halter

Jesse was very proud to model it for us!

2. Jesse's Red and Turquoise Head Stall

Jesse does NOT look happy about modeling his new bridle...we had just returned from a 5 hour ride and he must have thought he was going to have to go out again cause sometimes, mom or The Bossman needs him to "cowhorsethefuckup" (25cents in the cuss jar) and just go out AGAIN!!!

3. Jesse's Pendleton Saddle Blankets!

This way Jesse and his Desert Rose can always match outfits!!! That is if The Bossman emails me to see what blanket I want. His rule is...the blanket on top is the one he uses when saddling Jesse for me. My rule is...he should email me the night before so I can plan Jesse's and my matching outfits! How in the world could I know what I will want to wear...2 days before the ride and leave on top the blanket I "may" want??? Silly Bossman!

House Bling! ( PNW)
1. Portrait of My Beloved Major Special (George) A Major Bonanza Son

2. Calf Hide

3. Tooled Leather Banquette with Star Conchos

Cowgirl Bling!
1. Hand tooled "Cowgirl" Belt

2. The Lazy J Brand Necklace

3. The Desert Rose Belt

Jesse is honored to pass "Jesse's Saddle Bling Award" to

Pony Girl...this cowgirl will post about "Bling" she does not even own yet! She has spirit and spunk and is willing to go the extra mile for "Bling"!!!

Heart of a Cowgirl...this cowgirl is a mom to all sorts of critters! She is soooo talented, creating "Bling" for the rest of us to oooh and ahhh over!

Saddle Mountain Rider...this cowgirl is not always "politically correct" with her "Bling". She will put a HOT PINK halter on a gelding or dress her horse up like he is an aging ROCK STAR! Cousin...what part of "COWGIRL" don't you get??? She gets extra credit for sewing the ROCK STAR outfit herself for both herself and her horse!

Congratulations Cowgirls, pass on the bling!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Belly Laughs!

Baby Rosa Jewel and papa spent some fun time together in the desert during her visit. They laughed...And laughed...


The Desert Rose!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


In our desert home we have 2 guest rooms that are booked out in advance by reservation by our family members on a first come first serve basis! One of our guest rooms has a King bed, rocker and ottoman, flat screen TV, and private bath. It is very decorated very lovely and usually the 1st choice when family members book a room for their vacation.

However...there is a "NEWLY DECORATED" bedroom in town that will surely be a PONY COUSIN"S 1st choice when booking a room at " The Rosa Hacienda"!

With new plush carpet, new "Zebra" print sheets and throws...this lovely double queen bedded suite is just itching for PONY COUSINS to spoon, 2 to a a bed!

When making your reservation you must specify...window view or mirror closet view, and remember...you are sleeping with a PONY COUSIN, mirrors would not be the preferred booking!

New art work and plush pillows to set the mood!

A few small personal touches to help you feel at home in your PONY COUSIN"S desert home!

Check out the "native" pillows the Rosebud helped pick out at "cowboy Xmas"...just for the PONY COUSIN GUEST ROOM!

Guess all we need now is some "reservations"! ( Oh, and a credit card deposit!)

Your Desert Rose PONY COUSIN!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Saddle Sore!

Most cowgirls are not as lucky as the Desert Rose to be able to spend so many hours in the saddle. But...that has not always been that case for me. 17 years ago when we first bought "George" I was doing a lot of arena riding because of the cold, wet weather in the PNW. My stables only had a few "trails" to ride that was really just riding along side orchards, through Christmas tree farms with a few logging roads scattered among them. At the longest you could ride one hour out and one hour back! When I bought "George" I had my stepson's Circle Y Trail saddle, a man's size, that he had given me with his former "polo horse"! (That is a totally different story I will share someday). This saddle was fine for the arena and for the short trail rides I was able to take. However...after a few years it became to heavy for me to throw over "George" and I downsized to a Cordrua Saddle. Again...this was fine for my needs. But when we got Jesse my rides gradually became longer and tougher. This was a problem because after 2 hours in the saddle...I was in agony! Even my "real sheep skin" tush cush only helped for a while. Finally for my (big) birthday I decided I wanted a new saddle. Now this was a huge dilemma for me...diamonds or a new saddle??? All my friends said... SADDLE!!!! YES... I CAVED!

So...I took the COWPOKE with me to the "cowgirlthefuckup dream store" (25 cents in the cuss jar) a 3 hour drive away to help me select the perfect saddle for me and Jesse. The COWPOKE at that time was still a bit wet behind the ears... barely old enough to legally "drink and ride" but that didn't stop him! The COWPOKE did know a thing or 2 about horses so when I asked him to help a cowgirl in distress he stepped up to the task. Now Jesse is a big butt Quarter horse and almost anything will fit him...my but... is a bit more delicate and only the best would do for it! The COWPOKE must have lifted 100 saddles for me to try before we finally narrowed it down to 2. Then, so we would not have to make the trip back for all the accessories we matched bridles, reins, cinches and anything else we needed for 2 complete "saddle outfits" for me to try.
The "dream store" says I can send anything I don't want back and they will credit my card!
Now that we have accomplished our mission...we are off to buy a birthday gift for the COWPOKE! He chooses a cowboy hat...BLACK FOR AN OUTLAW! We see chinks for a great price, I buy him those too! Then we pick out saddle pads, I get boots to match my saddle, I buy the COWPOKE a PINK western shirt...cause there is nothing sexier than a man in a pink shirt! I tell him it will help get him girls...not sure he believed me. Add some horse treats...fly spray... and some new riding gloves and the credit card pooped out on us. Good thing cause we could have done some serious damage!
Now the part you have all been waiting for...what kind of saddle did I get???

The picture has been "tweaked" so if you can't make it out...It's a MARTIN BARREL RACER!

Chestnut Martin Basket weave with Wyoming Flower, Copper Flower Concho's, with Cameo boarder! I was not looking for a "bling saddle" and would not have put this one together quite this way but my "butt" knew at once...this was the one for me!

Suede mocha seat that I have ridden in for 7 hours and did not get "saddle sore"!

Deep seated cantle...I always feel "in the saddle" not on it!

Matching headstall and hand made romal reins ($$$$$)!

Jesse models his bridal!

And Breast Collar!

Wish you could all come and ride the "HAPPY DESERT TRAILS" with us!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Memory!

Hay all you Cowgirls!
If I knew how....I would post a picture of her...instead I will just lift my glass of Lemonade to her... I believe she will appreciate this more from me. NATASHA RICHRADSON... I loved your work and loved you!
Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The Honest Scrap Award!"

Yes...I do believe that Palomino Girl from "Life on the Farm" really just wants all my "TRAIL BOSS" secrets and that is why sent she this award over to me, The Honest Scrap Award! Honestly...I have been sooooo busy with all the little colts and filly's running around me that I could not get the post together till now. I do thank Palomino Girl...and may give up a trade secret or 2!

Here are the rules, if you have been chosen:

1) Write a post (on your own blog), announcing that you have received the Honest Scrap award. Be sure to mention the blog that conferred the Honest Scrap Award upon you. Add the Honest Scrap Award graphic.

2) Choose at least seven blogs that you admire. List these (with links) in your Honest Scrap Award blog entry.

3) Visit the blogs you have selected, and leave comments to let the floggers know you have chosen to honor them with the Honest Scrap Award. Include a link to your blog post in each comment.

4) Visit the blog that offered you the Honest Scrap Award, and leave a comment with a link to your post.

5) List ten honest things about yourself. Try to have fun with this one, and include facts others may not already know about you.

6) Display the Honest Scrap Award proudly on your blog sidebar.

I hope by now everyone KNOWS that I am not that technically gifted and do not have "Sares" here to help me like she does for my "TWIN" Sissy's, so will not be able to add links ect!

1. I was amazed at how "Mother Nature" just stepped in and helped me find myself as a Zsa Zsa. I already had 5 grandchildren that I love dearly...but the fact that the Rosebud became a mommy seemed to put me in the natural order of things. I went from a Mom to Zsa Zsa in the "circle of life". I have even gone to the grocery store with out make up on...once! Jesse, however would "spook" if he ever saw me without make up!!!

2. I am very blessed to be married to my "Loving Husband" who taught me it is better to give that receive!

3. Sometimes my health issues become overwhelming and I just have to take a day off from the world. I have stopped feeling guilty or lazy about it. I try very hard to listen to my mind and body's signals! I could do more I am sure to manage my symptoms...but even when I am very good, I usually don't feel any better.

4. I tend to be a "LONER"!

5. The older I get, the more I don't want to spend time with people or things that don't interest me. There have been too many requirements in the past that I was obligated, invited, and yes...guilted into doing. I allow less of these things to take up my precious energy!

6. I know that before I lost my first horse George in a tragic accident...I had never really known what a broken heart felt like!

7. I am happy with the results of any task I do as long as I know I have done my best at the time of doing it. I do not look back and cry over spilt milk, I can not change the wisdom or skills I had in the past, only the future!

8. I do not get to see my parents as often as I would like too. I wish I lived closer to them so I could run over for a cup of coffee with my mom....or have a glass of whisky with my dad! I hardly ever get to spend time alone with either one of them and I do miss that!

9. I believe we are all connected by our energy. Some people have good energy...the ones you look forward to being with, others have bad energy...the ones that drain you. I am careful around the draining energy so as not to have the negative flow attach to me. I bask in the positive energy and soak it up while I return the favor to it's giver.

10. When I am an Old Woman I will ride with my sisters and remember our childhood with laughter, remember our children with joy and our husbands with love while we blaze the new trails ahead of us!
I pass this award to:
jane Augustein
A cowgirls life
Paint girl
Heart of Cowgirl
Amamda's Veranda
I look forward to learning more about you!
Your Desert Rose!

Your Desert Rose!

No More Bunny Slope Trails for This Cowgirl!

When my PONY COUSIN Bronco Betsy was visiting in the desert we had many rides together! However this Pony Cousin does not have a fear of heights or drop off cliffs...she has a fear of stumbling!!! All the trails that I would consider the "bunny slope trails" she was anxious on! I then take her on a trail that scared me for years...and she loved it! No rocks for stumbling on...just switch backs, drop off and cliffs!

Starting up the HARD TRAIL!

Bronco Betsy having fun!

BB and our trail guide for the day! Jesse threw a shoe his am ride with The Bossman so we had to rent Jack!!! A few PONY COUSINS MAY REMEMBER JACK! I do know who has ridden Jack....will the Pony Cousin's remember??? If you have ridden Jack, please comment on this post and identify yourself!!!

New rule AT the stables this year because of insurance clause...no rentals go without guides!!! This is a difficult rule for me because if I KNOW my guest can ride I used to be able to take a rental without a guide. I have ALWAYS taken a guide when I am unsure of my guest riders but now have to take one EVERY TIME...unless The Bossman or the Cowpoke are with me!

See my boot in the lower left hand side of the picture??? This drop off was NOT an issue for BB!!!
Anyone recognize this picture??? It was one of my 6/6 pictures!!!

BB rides to the top of the Mountain!

Little Lady and The Desert Rose ride drag!

This is the hill we just came down!
The bottom of the trail winds around beneath some very fancy houses so BB takes some pictures!
This trail is not for the faint hearted and Bronco Betsy did great!!!

The Desert Rose!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A few posts ago one of our east coast grand daughters wanted to be known on my blog as "The Rose Kid". This means she would be listed on The Desert Rose Buckaroo side board. Her little sister Stella declined a blog name but Lily's request got me thinking about "future names" for our newest, and soon to be born grand daughters also...and one for Stella when/if she decided to join up with the Buckaroos! I was telling this to our daughter Rachel who was visiting us in the desert with her husband and 2 month old daughter Alexa Jewel. I explained how my daughter was "The Rosebud" and that the grand daughters would also have "rose" some way in their name. Our oldest grand daughter is "The Grand Rose"! And to my surprise... and delight, she also wants a "rose" name!!!

So...I am proud to introduce to ya' all

"The Rosa" and her daughter "The Rosa Jewel"!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Once upon a time there lived a Papa Bear and a Zsa Zsa Bear. They lived in 2 little cottages on the west coast. One day the Zsa Zsa Bear went to a ladies luncheon far away from the Papa Bear in the cold PNW! When the Zsa Zsa Bear went to bed that night she said..."Look who's been sleeping in my bed"!

Meanwhile in the desert... the Papa Bear said...Look who's been sleeping in my bed"!

The moral of the story is...if the Papa Bear and the Zsa Zsa Bear can't sleep together...sleep with a grandbaby or 2!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jesse's "Manolo" Shoes!

Jesse has bad feet. Not just just bad...but probably some of the worst feet you will see. When we first got him seven years ago he was a neglected, underweight, shaggy scared little 2 yr old gelding. And he was anemic! THE DOC gave him shots for 3 months until his blood leveled out. Who knows how long he had been anemic before we corrected it. At the same time I was also anemic and getting iron infusions to correct it. My hematologist told me that a sign of anemia was thin, ridged, peeling nails. At the time I had "faux" nails so could not see that after 4 years of being anemic...that is how my real nails looked. Although no vet will confirm this I believe this has attributed to his poor hoof condition. And because he is also a "snowbird" changing farriers every 6 months has created these terrible quarter cracks.

The chip in the front is because he lost a shoe out on the trail and took a small piece of hoof with it!

Heavy clamps on the front.

Another view!

All of these cracks come from the top...down. However there is an eighth of an inch grow out without any cracks that is good news that we are on the right track!

Poor baby!!!

Jesse's custom made steel toed "Manolo's"! We call them "Manolo's" because you could buy a pair for what Jesse's shoes cost! Jesse's "owey" toes have almost disappeared because of them. Of course...we are also very careful not to ride trails that may cause him to have issues again.

And...The Desert Rose has made a very difficult decision, I will not be taking Jesse back to the PNW with me at the end of our desert season but instead leave Jesse here in The Bossman's loving care and give him a full year with his desert farrier. It is only right that I give him this opportunity to get healthy hooves.

However...The Desert Rose is a "horse addict" and The Bossman knows that nothing would be worse than a "redhead" going through withdrawals...even 2000 miles away from him! The Bossman has graciously volunteered to loan me "Little Lady" for the PNW season!!!

As you all know...I luv her bunches and have known her since she was born here in the desert. She was just days old the first time I saw her in her little hot pink halter being led with her mom for some arena play time! Jesse has ponied her from the time she was 6 months old and they think they are siblings. I am very grateful and thankful to The Bossman for his generosity!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!