Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once In A Blue Moon!

If you were The Desert Rose...what would you do, once in a blue moon???

Your Desert Rose!

Best Friends!

It has been going on 2 weeks now that we have had our grandchildren...different families with us at a time. We have our teenagers with us now. It's not that they aren't cute...they are. They just do not do things like this out of the blue!

These are pictures I have captured by sneaking up on them!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Boys...ah Girls!

I have been so lucky to have 9 of my 10 grandchilren with us on and off for the last 10 days!
2 different grandchildren...2 different tubs!

The water has blue fizzy's to make it very blue! We call this slime bath. The red water is the blood bad and the the pee bath! Anything to make bath time fun...for this Zsa Zsa~

Your Desert Rose!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shadow Rider!

Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


On our last ride the Bossman and I encounter the most unusual creatures on our ride. We were up high...almost to the snow line when we saw these looking out from the trees at us!
This one seemed friendly enough...but was it???
This one did not seem friendly...even kind of cranky!!!

But on closer examination, the Bossman and the Desert Rose realized that they were only Desert Reinhorses...nothing to be afraid of at all!!!

Happy, Merry Holidays!!!


The Desert Rose and her Desert Reinhorses!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Rose Garden!

The Desert Rose is soooooooooooo looking forward to seeing these rose blossoms at Christmas time!

Last year they were snowed in...they were sick...and the Rosa Jewel was born on Christmas Day so we were not able to see them at Christmas time and did not get to celebrate with them till the middle of January. I also did not get to go up and see my family on Christmas Day which has been our tradition for almost 20 years!!! Please don't let it snow...don't let it snow...don't let it snow!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cowbaby Chinks!

The Desert Rose has 10 grandchildren...or as I lovingly call them, my "Rose Garden"! The oldest is 18 now and out of the country for 9 months overseas. The next 2 oldest are teens now, my how they grow up so fast! However, I do have 7 of my Rose Garden that are 7 years and under. If you know me...I would not want them to go for a ride not dressed the part! 3 years ago...I got the 1st pair of Baby Chinks! 2 years later I had so many little Rose Garden sprouts that I had to go shopping AGAIN!

And Again!

And Again!!!

All these Baby Chinks...just waiting for a cute little cowbaby butt!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pissed Off!!!

Yesterday's ride with the Bossman, our first since my return to the desert was in the high desert in Joshua Tree National Park. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue and the Jesse and Little Lady were happy to be together again!Jesse is waiting to get his saddle bags loaded...looks like he's napping. This is his usual stance before a ride...tied to his limo, napping!
Hitting the trail on the Lost Horse Mine trail! The Bossman ALWAYS makes me pick the trail. I know it's because if we end up with a bad trail...he can say."We'll you picked it"! I picked this trail because of it's name, and I love new trails and the park protects 794,000 acres witch in includes the Mojave Desert. I read that there are 243 miles of trials inside the park. At an average of 15 mile rides... we should be able to get 15 or so rides. However...some of the rides are very much like our own back yard Indian Canyon so we will probably not ride those as it takes us 2 hours to get up there and into the park. There are 2 entrances to the park and this is the far one. Next time we ride here we will try the close entrance and probably save 1/2 hour in travel time. There are several trails that sound intriguing such as this one...and I hope we come back up and do 3 or 4 of these rides this year. The Bossman ans I only get to ride together once a week cause he has a "real job" too!
The terrain looks pretty much like the low desert...except for these!
These are "Joshua Trees". They are not really trees but a species of yucca. They are one of the few "trees" that thrive in the high desert.
About 1/2 hour into our ride...we came upon this! Not sure when the fire was but certain plant life is starting to come alive again.

At last we come to the "prize" of the trail. Lost Horse Mine! It has been fenced off to keep tourists from getting to close and perhaps injured on this very old structure.

Jesse looks over the valley below!
Trail view!
All that is left of this miners cabin is this old fireplace!
The Bossman & Little Lady!
The Desert Rose & Jesse!
This rusty old bed frame was off to the side of the trail!
The trail is now wagon train style and the kids disagree as to who should lead!
Jesse won...and was so excited he asked to trot, Mom said OK! Then Jesse asks to lope and again...Mom said YES! Only the trail has a few bushes in the middle of the trail here and there and Jesse changes sides of the trial from time to time. One change ended in a tragic moment for the beloved Martin Saddle. Jesse decided to change lanes and way to late I told him he jumped a bush in the middle of the trail!!!
Yes...The Desert Rose..."fuckingpissedinhercowgirlpants!!!" I even wear some "protection" but apparently not enough for jumping a big bush unexpectedly!!! Fortunately we were near the end of the trail!
Our Lunch Rock!
Our lunch guest!
He enjoyed the BLT's and tried for the wine...but I changed his mind! Tummy full...he scampered away to enjoy the view!

We had a great 1st reunion ride and it was so great to be back in the saddle with Jesse!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Desert Rose Tack Room...!

Not long ago I posted about my tack room here in the desert. It was...Abigfuckingmess!!! (25 cents in the cuss jar!) I still do not have it all back together yet the way I want it. You see...this year, I do NOT have a room mate! I will miss my former roommate...but now I can spread my wings and really FLY!

Here are some pictures from last year when I shared my tack room!

It was great before...but now I will get to do Everything I want to inside and out!!!

Any idea's Cowgirls???

Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

This special delivery arrived...just in time! I was leaving the desert for 2 weeks and just HAD to have the contents with me when I left! Soon my Sissy's can say..."This Ain't My "Firstfuckingrodeo!" (25 cents in the cuss jar!)

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beloved Brother!

My heart is full from all your loving thoughts for my Loving Husband, me and our family, for the loss of our Beloved Brother!

Subject: Statement by the President on the Death of Abe Pollin THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press
Secretary _________________________________________________________________________ ____ For Immediate Release November 25, 2009 President Barack Obama Statement on the Death of Abe Pollin

Michelle and I were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Abe Pollin – a giant in the world of professional sports and someone I was proud to call a friend. Abe was a man who knew that being an owner wasn’t just about winning championships, although his teams had plenty of success. It was about helping young athletes become good people as well as good players. And it was about being part of a community. Abe believed in Washington, D.C. when many others didn’t – putting his own fortune on the line to help revitalize the city he loved. He was committed to the teams he guided, generous to those who needed it most, and as loyal to the people of D.C. as they were to him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Irene, his sons Robert and James, and the entire Pollin family.

A man loved... not only by his family, but his community for all his tremendous good deeds. The whole world has benefited because of his unselfish giving of his time and money to so many world causes!
Because he has left this world...we are all missing one of our brightest stars. Because he has left this world...we all sense somehow, that a man who dreamed the impossible dream and gave to the world in so many ways, has left a path for us to follow in his footsteps in what ever way we can, to make this world abetter place for all mankind!
Your Desert Rose!