Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Amigo's!

Nothing is better than good friends/family getting to ride together. Our PONY cousin gatherings are all about this. So when I am in the desert for 6 months at a time even though I have good friends to ride with...I do miss that life long bond that I have with my family and the PONY COUSINS! So one of my recent blogs asked you all what kind of ride I should take my visiting PONY COUSIN on. I asked you all if I should baby her tender butt, break her in slowly so to speak...but none of you seemed to have much sympathy for her and said I should really just throw any/everything at her... that she should just "cowgrilthefuckupanddoit"!!! (25 cents in the cuss jar!) I apparently took your advise!

The 1st ride we ( from now on, we means the Bossman and me...he is my partner in crime!) take Bronco Betsy on is an easy up hill ( code for: steep drop offs, switch backs and LONG) that meanders up to Smoke Tree Mountain across from our stables. The trail then heads across a valley between this and the next mountain...that is IF we had stayed on the trail! Now I must admit that it was not intended to go off trail, but when we turned off to soon it seemed a shame to back track when we could see exactly were we were!
Bronco Betsy and Jesse mounted up and ready to ride!

Notice that frozen Starbucks cup in Bronco's hand! Her horse was saddled with a matching Pendleton saddle pad when she arrived...Mimosa's were served...she's thinking she's got it pretty easy today!
Bronco Betsy pretends to have a stirrup issue...just to see how fast the Bossman jumps to attention!
Starting up the trail...
Across the valley at the top!Notice how you can see the trail before us??? About 15 minutes later...GONE! So we just went off trail towards the canyon we needed to get to. Nothing was very difficult...but this part did un-nerve her a bit. I will was steeper than it looks cause there was a jump down at the bottom. Bronco and I talked this through and then she proceeded to "justcowgirlthe~ fuckupanddotit!"( 25 cents in the cuss jar!) I filmed it here...keep an eye out for what went wrong!!!

Yup...Jesse decided that Bronco was being not going to be "The Boss" of him and just said "NOFUCKINGWAY!" ( Jesse does not have a cuss jar!) However...Jesse was ever so gentle in his turn around and gave Bronco plenty of notice to stay in the saddle with him. Some horses would have taken advantage of this opportunity and spun around so fast you would have air beneath you! Good boy Jesse! Unfortunately as I was filming Bronco's 2nd PERFECT execution of this hill I hit the wrong button. Take my word for it...she did the 2nd try great!!!

We finally make it back on trail and Bronco was very happy about this!

This is where we are going...down to this canyon wash to a place called Jane's Hoffbrau!'s not named for me! You can see the trail going across the mountain if you look closely.
Here we are almost down into the canyon where we will find tie rails and a wonderful shady Palm Tree Oasis for our lunch spot!
The horses are tied...notice we keep Slick a safe distance from Jesse and Little Lady, after all, he is a STALLION!
Yup...that's "Princess Bronco" being served like she was Royalty!
The perfect bridle rack!
Heading that a glass in Bronco's hand??? Hmmmm!
Ran into some hiker's who were more than happy to take our picture!
Bronco and the Bossman heading down the trail behind me! notice how we always keep Bronco in between us...we wouldn't let her's our way of looking out for her!!!
What in the world is this??? Sure looks like a giant turtle to me!

In fact it is Bob Hope's house overlooking Palm Springs!!! It is still used for events/fundraisers.

Bronco Betsy had a cocktail party to attend and as usual...we were running late. So after we get off the trail into the sandy wash we tell Bronco that we have to lope to get back on time. Well she said for us to go ahead and she would just walk in. I then explained to her that...Jesse would not stay behind for her if we left ( he would for me or Bossman but Bronco may have a teeny weeny problem with that) so she "cowgirledthefuckup" ( 25 cents in the cuss jar!) and loped most of the way home with the Bossman coaching her along the way. When there is not a trail Jesse likes to try and race sometimes. He had her keep Jesse right in Slick's behind! Bronco was so proud of her self were we!!! Ride time 5 hours!

Your Desert Rose!

Play Bill!

By now many of you have read Baby Doll's/She who rides many ponies blogs on our adventure...most of which is true, at least from her point of view. She just jumped in and posted the story as we discussed and I have been focusing on pure you all the information we had so you could understand all that happened to us. I have learned by telling and retelling our story...people just naturally jump in and start asking questions and then the story gets all jumbled up.

So this post will introduce the cast of players to you. Because at one time or another...we all go into survival mode, knowing all of the personalities will help you understand how this adventure played out. Because this is my blog...I will play the lead role while my riding partners will be the supporting cast. The horses...which are the reason we got into this pickle (our love of and for them) share equal star status with THE DESERT ROSE!

The Desert Rose~ 2009 Pony Cousin Rodeo Queen, PONY COUSIN Founding Member, Desert Rider, and All around good time Cowgirl! Was once too anxious to mount Jesse without a trainer nearby. Her confidence has now grown to be to big for her Cowgirl pants!

Her Mount: Little Lady~ 5 year old Bay Tennessee Walker Mare, Biological Daughter of Slick, The Bossman is her Human Dad, 2009 Rodeo Mount for the DESERT ROSE, Soon to be Adopted by The Desert Rose!
The Bossman~ Desert Trainer, Human Dad to Slick and Little Lady, Rides Bartender/Groom/ Driver, Does not dress warm for rides cause if stranded thinks he will be the guy in the middle, Mission in Get Slick LAID!!!
His Mount: Slick~ 17 year Old Tennessee Walker Pinto Stallion, Biological Dad of Little Lady although he sometimes chooses to ignore that fact, Member Of Equines Alcoholics Anonymous, Believes that biting the calf of the Desert Rose is in fact FOREPLAY!

Bronco Betsy/Baby Doll~ Founding Member of the PONY COUSINS, Pastry Chef, Traveling Snowbird who just landed for a few rides with The Desert Rose, Foolishly believes that she is in good hands for her rides!
Her Mount: Jesse~ 10 year old Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding, Calls the Desert Rose mom, is plagued by BAD FEET and ASTHMA...although as long as he is given time to blow can hit the trail with the best of them, Trick Pony, and Husband/Grand kid Horse.

Lastly...every good adventure story needs a VILLAIN!!! And as much as I do love this trial... on this ride I do have to say that it lead us to the "HOWTHEFUCKDOWEGETOUTTAHERETRAIL"!

I promise post I will get back on, I mean track and tell the FACTUAL story of our adventure!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Dear Pony Cousins,
I need to advise you that our beloved Betsy and Jane are currently stranded on a mountain with horses and cowboy. It became dark before they could make it out. They have no blankets, no matches to build a fire and no LEMONADE! They only have Betsy's blackberry, where she was able to post their status and hunker down for the night.Let this serve as warning to all pc's who ride with Jane, she will provide you with a tale to tell and a story you will never live down!XXOO-Melissa

The Happy riders mounted and ready to hit the trail. Stay tuned for the next segment of this once in a life time adventure!

Your Desert Rose!

Friday, January 8, 2010


So...if you were The Desert Rose and had a PONY COUSIN in town all to yourself for 2 weeks, what would you do with her? Would you treat her with kid gloves making sure that you kept her safe and sound ( hard to do when the sound part is already in question!) . Would you ONLY take her on the bunny tow trails, checking to see if she is afraid of heights...drop offs and switchbacks? Would you keep the rides only at walks so that her marbles would not get anymore shaken up than they already are? Would you keep in mind that her tender behind is not broken in and that the length of rides should be gradually increased so that she can still make it down to the toilet without screaming in pain? What would you do to this PONY COUSIN???

Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Would the Desert Rose Do?

My quicky New Years Eve post stated that there was going to be a Blue Moon... Once in a Blue Moon! I asked you all what you thought The Desert Rose would do! For those of you that mentioned sex...maybe I will consider that on the next Blue Moon!

The next NY's Eve blue moon will be in 2029 (I think) However the "Grand Rose" may not be here with me then so this would be my only and last chance to get her out on a full (Blue) Moon night ride!!!

My Loving Husband said that we could NOT go for our full moon ride with out the Bossman in case he needed to SHOOT something for us ( And I don't mean with a camera!). Poor Bossman has a bad cold and has lost his voice but "Cowboyedthefuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar) anyway! Well...when he complained that it would be cold, I told him to put his BIG GIRL PANTIES on and just do it! This was also Little Lady's 1st night ride as far as we can remember...Slick and Jesse are old pro's at night rides! Because The Grand Rose and I wanted to toast the New Year with her Papa and younger brother at home...our ride did not begin until 1am!

Hay...I told the Bossman just plain OJ for her but he said his ears wear all plugged up and missed that part!
Heading out on the trail...Little Lady wants to be on Jesse's big Quarter Horse butt! If you look closely you can see The Bossman and Slick ahead of Jesse and The Grand Rose.
Up at the top of the trail overlook! Of course we climbed a trail...I get SEAHORSE sickness down in the wash at night! But I can ride trails no problem!!!
Safely back at the tack room The Grand Rose poses with what will someday be her "Motto"!

The trail ride was awesome, not too cold and very clear out. I did not get a moon shot because I have not yet figured out how to keep my camera from getting spots all over the shots at night.
Little Lady jumped once when my flash went off at the same time as fireworks went off down the street. Then once when the Bossman shined his flashlight in her face. So I had him do it a few times till she realized it was nothing. Jesse was an absolute angel for The Grand Rose! However...Slick and a BUSHMONSTER had a little run in. It was touch and go for a bit over who would win...but Slick soon realized that the bush really did not want him after all and then he just walked by it. many of you have taken a full moon night ride??? Did you have fun? Would you do it again?
Your Desert Rose!
PS The Bossman did not have to shoot anything!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

After The Bath!

For 5 nights I gave 2 lovely little girls a bath in my bathroom!
This is the finished project!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

He Started with 9 Lives!

I had a very traumatic experience today! Little Oliver, the cat who will turn 19 years old this month had an accident! My loving husband had just left the house...maybe 15 minutes or so when I decided to go out by the pool and have a cigarette. YES...The Desert Rose smokes! (only get to have one or 2 a day....but will indulge if my Loving husband is away!) As I walked out the door towards my favorite smoking chaise lounge...I saw something out of the corner of my eye in the pool. My first thought was...Henry the Duck that frequents our pool. Upon 2nd look I realized it was a cat. I have had to grab stray cats from the pool before...and throw them out quickly before they kill me. Only this cat...was MINE!!! My Little Oliver was in the pool swimming at the far end near the hot tub close to the water fall. I yelled "Oliver" and ran to the end of the pool and reached out and grabbed him just as he was going threw the waterfall. I threw off my robe and wrapped him up. He was breathing very hard and shivering. I ran into the house with him and got a pool towel to dry him off. He was literally a drowned cat! I kept drying him and got out the blow dryer which he tolerated very well. He was still wet but not soaking wet, when I called "The Doc" to discuss whether I should bring him in. Since his breathing was back to normal now Doc said just to keep him as warm as I could and get him dry and watch him...if a change for the worse he could meet us. The Doc said Oliver had had enough stress for one day! I put Oliver's down blanket in the dryer and wrapped him up and got into my bed with the covers over us. He was still shivering on and off. I did this for the next 2 hours until he was almost dry. Then I let him down to see how he was. He seemed fine and was starved!
Little Oliver can hardly walk anymore...he is quite wobbly and eats his food and water lying down. He is however very happy and doing well despite all his medical issues. What I can't figure out is how he got to the end of the pool swimming!!! He must have fell in near the other end trying to drink from the pool! My Homeopath/Animal Communicator Vet says Oliver has really strong energy/ life flow. I also do not know how long he had been in the pool. Maybe he was on his second lap around???
Since the Passing of my brother-in law I have seemed to have negative energy/karma around me. At the NFR I was constantly having trouble and thought my sisters would distance themselves from me. I lost my voice, my drivers license, my flight home got cancelled not to mention 100 other little annoying things. However...I now feel that my energy/karma flow has changed. The timing of me being able to save Little Oliver was probably a 2 to 3 minute time span because of his condition...and now Oliver still has 3 of his nine lives left!!!
I could not sleep last mind kept wandering to the loss of other beloved animals during my I was up very late. I know you all have experienced the loss of your beloved animals and so you know how bad my night was...but this morning when I got up Little Oliver was dry and warm and very happy to see...his breakfast!
Your Desert Rose!