Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am soooo outta my leagues with most of you that are great photographers...or have the skills to tweak your photos! I have... neither skill and am not ashamed to admit it. However...every now and then...I get lucky!
So are what I consider to be my 3 best landscape photos...plz be gentle and kind...I cry easily when not on horseback!!!
This was last fall...right next to where Miss Mackena and I posed for our "in the ocean" photo opp!
Joshua National Park...1st ride on Jesse after his summer down south!!! ( Remember...I pee'd my saddle on this ride!)My favorite TREE oat our house Fall 09! OK...I was sneaking a cigarette when I noticed the vibrant red in the tree...just like my hair!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Desperate Cowgirl!!!

I bet at one time or another we all wish that we could control what comes out of our man's mouth...but it looks like Baby Doll has found a solution! Was she that desperate that she put a sting on her man's back??? Great idea Baby Doll!!!
Your Desert Rose!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today...after stopping at 2 feed stores over an hour from my the PNW rain...I backtracked to the stables to drop off "Lunch bags...(although given at dinner)! As I arrive, the owner is bringing in the horses...I saw Jesse out in pasture as I drove in and I asked to bring him in and then Shayna Lady when it was her turn. Jesse was being a jerk...walking through his lead, head up high, neck looking like a stallions...a REAL jerk! I made him back up several times and slapped him with his lead rope. He settled down just enough to not get scolded and I took him to his stall where his food was waiting. I sat down on the aisle floor making "lunch bags" for the week and Jesse was calling and calling. It was a chilling sound...echoing through the barn and since I was just beneath him...extremely loud in my ears!!! I... of course thought he just wanted to be with me...and almost took him out to go be in the arena with me to play. Then the stables owner told me it was Shayna Lady's turn to come in. I pulled on the hood to my sweat shirt cause the drizzle was now RAIN to go out to get her. My Shayna Lady...was also being a BRAT...walking ahead of me...turning sideways, she got in trouble too...but not as bad as Jesse! As we near the barn I can hear Jesse...still calling! Shayna Lady saw her stall door...but did not argue when I asked her to walk over to Jesse's stall. There they stood...touching noses, nickering softly through Jesse's stall bars. After a bit...I turned Shayna Lady around and put her in her stall...and did not hear one more peep from Jesse!!!
Now...Jesse has watched over Shayna Lady since she was just a little filly ponying her in the desert as she grew up. I can just see him now...thinking he is her "knight in shinning armor"...her protector...calling for her if she is outta his sight, tied on the other side of the trailer...calling for her if she leaves his side on the trail....calling for her if she is unsaddled and put away first. This will NOT be acceptable behavior...! a few weeks...we are going to my Sissy's for some rides with our equicuz's Dusty and THE KING...who as many of you know...has a HUGE crush on Shayna Lady. So how will this scenario play out??? Will Jesse be happy to see his good friend and (now equicuz )THE KING??? Will THE KING ignore Jesse and only have eyes for Shayna Lady??? Will Jesse try to keep THE KING away from Shayna Lady??? Will THE KING get upset because JESSE is in front of him??? In the past IF Jesse even tried to get in front of THE KING...he would walk sideways to make sure he blocked Jesse from getting in front of him. Will Shayna Lady go into heat when she sees THE KING??? ( she kicked at him once cause he had his know where... and she got tired of it) Will Jesse and THE KING be vying for Shayna Lady's affections???


Shayna Lady...The Princess! The King...LOVER BOY!

And the poor Dustbuster...looking on at this possible 3 ring circus!
Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It is official...this "Pretty Lady" is now ours!!! My loving husband and I are the proud new parents of the equine formally known as LITTLE LADY. Our adoption process has taken almost 3 years to complete. Little Lady was foaled at our desert stables January 18th, 2004. Her Dam was Little Bit ( who has now gone to horsey heaven) and her Sire is...SLICK"S MACHO MAN (yes that is The Bossman's Slick...our resident stallion and drunk). Obviously...LL looks more like her mother!
I remember 1st seeing LL when she was just one day old with her little HOT PINK halter on. I saw her many times being turned out in the arena to play with her mom who could not keep up with this new baby so full of energy. She was a feisty little thing and would do those little baby rear ups and sideways walks down the aisle to the arena. I left the desert at the end of the season and did not see LL again until she was about 10 months old. I could not get over how she was ALL legs!!! By now her dam was long gone from her side and she looked so small in her stall. At that time...the Bossman and I were not "friends". Sure...we were friendly...but he just thought I was some dumb red head...he still thinks that!
It was not until our former trainer got married and deserted us...that The Bossman became our trainer...and it was another year before we started riding together. However...Jesse and LL became pals because Jesse would PONY LL several times a week when the Bossman would ride him. LL would nip at him and be playful which Jesse did not always care for. But I know that they are very fond of each other...they always greet each other with a soft nicker. By now LL is 3 years old and sent for 3 months to finishing school. There she learns how to do all that arena stuff that she will never need to do out on the trail...but she knows it all! When she came back to the stables from finishing school The Bossman immediately began riding her on many of our rides together! I was so impressed with how good she was. Sure...from time to time there would be a small issue..nothing at all that was not worked through easily. The next year...The Bossman offered LL to me to ride whenever I had a guest in town...cause they would ride Jesse and I would ride LL. I did have more issues with her than the Bossman did...but then...I was not as confident on any horse except Jesse. Cousin Baby Doll was with us one day when we had a smalll rodeo...and she and Jesse wisely choose to give us plenty of room on the trail.
Then because of Jesse's bad feet, the next year when LL was 4...I rode her almost as much as I rode Jesse. When LL was 5...Jesse's feet were a major issue and I decided I needed to leave him in the desert with The Bossman so that the "Shoe Salesman" would be able to continue his great work on Jesse's feet for the summer. That meant...I would be horseless for the summer...and that would just NOT do. In the end...The Bossman offered LL to me for the summer in the PNW.

LL and I learned to trust each other and she stepped up to every challenge I put to her. She lead 95% of our rides...won the Stampede Rodeo Queen Crown for us and we became very attached to each other. LL also seemed to really enjoy her new "outfits"! She loved getting all prettied up for our rides in coordinating colored blankets and halters matching my "outfit" for the day. And she loved all the lunch treats she found in her bucket everyday

This is kinda the funny part. Ever since I have been riding LL...the joke was that someday she would be mine...then I would have to pay the Bossman to ride her for me...well now the joke is on The Bossman...cause LL is ours...and next year...he will have to pay ride her! On a more serious note...Little Lady is a mouthful to spit out sometimes when the "Lemonade" is flowing freely...or if she's naughty...I just call her "LADY...QUIT"! However in Yiddish there is a word that fits her to a T...Shayna...meaning pretty and so LL will now be known as...

Shayna Lady
Your Desert Rose!