Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jesse's Girl!!!

I left the desert May 7th to the PNW...minus Jesse! Jesse was left in the fantastic care of the Bossman for the summer to be near the shoesalesman. Last year the shoesalesman flew up 2 times during the summer to shoe both Jesse & Lady. This year we decided to leave Jesse in the desert where he can stay in great shape for the desert riding and not have to work so hard next fall to get back in to shape. With Jesse's asthma and his owy's the best decision for this year. Lady and I had had some great rides this summer...but we both miss our boy terribly!!!
So please indulge me as I post some my favorite pictures of Jesse!
Jesse we miss you and love you!
The Desert Rose!
And a big shout out to Auntie Danielle who takes such good care of our Jesse!!!


  1. Awww....I miss him too. I'm sorry you are without your boy.....Great pictures!

  2. Awww! Such a sweet tribute to your Jessie man!
    Summer is almost over and you'll be reunited again very soon.


  3. Poor Jesse. Stuck down there in the warm sunshine while we are enjoying cool temps and all around crappy summer weather. Hee hee! I am sure he misses you and your Shayna Lady. I'll see you at the picnic this weekend!

  4. When is the Pony Cousin Round-Up? Are you going? Taking a horse?

  5. Hi there Jesse´s Desert Rose! My friend Kacie with the Pistols and Cupcakes blog referred your blog to me and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! You seem like one fun lady!! I grew up riding and mainly competed in cutting horse and team penning and ranch sorting events. I just started a blog b/c I recently took up auctineering and needed a place to unload all the excitement. If you get a chance check it out at Your blog looks AMAZING, so I need to take notes. Well...I hope your re-united with your pony soon! You´ve got a new follower!!

    -Heather Kaspar

  6. Great pics of you and your boy! LOVEEEEEEEE the one with the headdress! Fun stuff.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!