Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trail Slut...and Proud of it!

A few years back our Pony Cousins were trying to decide on a location to hold our yearly roundup weekend with our ponies. I had made a comment that I was hoping to explore our options and maybe try new places every year, even though the ranch we had been going to was fabulous, I was hoping for some more challenging trail options. during the debate on our online Pony Cousin group my niece Pony Girl made mention of the fact that my trail experience was more extensive than the rest of the cousins who felt very at ease and comfy with the current trails. I did not intend to respond in a comic just kinda went that way ;))) So thank you Pony Girl for inspiring me to take an honest look at myself and my trails!

The Desert Rose at her Trail Sluttiest!

This email is in response to my Pony girl's previous comment to my
"trail expertise" of the group. NO.......she did not call me a "trail
whore", one who rides trails for money! But there was a hint of
insinuating that I was a "trail slut", one who rides many trails to
reduce the monotony of riding the same old boring trail. Yes, I do
admit that I am excited by a new trail, never knowing what lies ahead,
the possible breath taking thrills and the hint of danger . The
anticipation of such a ride makes my skin tingle days before the
encounter. I also admit that the "bigger the ride" the more
gratification is felt after the ride, although that is NOT always the
case. Some "big rides" have left me unsatisfied and wanting for more. I
have also been know to ride several different trails in as many days.
This does not mean I do not have special fondness for certain trails
that have always given me a good ride. There are some trails that I
deem to dangerous (even for me) and others that I would never ride
again because I seemed to sleep right through the experience. Sometimes
I like to ride many trails on the same day, sometimes called a 3 some!
I have ridden as many as 5 trails, one after the other. This called a
trail gang bang. There have been a few times given enough cowgirl
courage that I did not remember the trail I had ridden the day before.
Then a month later I start to recognize the chiseled rock or the cool
wet banks of the stream. It soon all flows back to me and it is a
double thrill. I have no shame in being a "trail slut" as it has made
me the cowgirl I am today. And.....since most of you.......have ridden
the trails I ride, and now are in the business of of horses in one way
or another yourselves, ask yourself. What kind of trail cowgirl do do
want to be?????? Oh sure, always be true to one trail ( called "safe
trail") or you can lust for adventure and be a "cowgirl trail slut" and
have the rides of your life!
The sea is full of trails, why ride just one?
Proud to be a "Trail Slut"
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Is that my only choice? And may I remind you...some of those trails darned near killed us?
    Doesn't matter what kind I "am at heart" because I always end up DOING the crazy trails with you and Bossman!
    Guess that makes me a "follower".... Ugh!

  2. Yeah, I'm a follower, too. I like the adventures a new trail brings, but need someone to take the lead and have the bravery to forge ahead. I don't mind riding favorite oldies but goodies, but I also love riding new trails, too. :)



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!