Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back in the Blog Saddle...Again !

My plan of trying to blog on a more regular basis fell apart last month when my computer had to go in for repairs and it ended up getting a new operating up grade. This was a long process because everything has to be wiped from the hard drive and then reinstalled. Although the system looks pretty much the same and for the most part works the same...I now need to access my photo's differently than I used to. And my system I used to file my pictures and organise them for blogs or easy access was that I had files all over my desktop!
I also recently began using dropbox for back up storage and that was confusing for me too.

So...this blog is really just a test blog with a few pictures from random files I have chosen to figure out the new process of getting my photos for blogging! By the way...I have been reading and commenting on the blogs I follow although there are some blogs my comments would not go through. I am hoping that issues will be resolved now with the new upgrade!!!
I decided to look for pictures in 4 different files that were taken on 4 different days although it is the same trail and same fabulous photo opp stop!

My Sissy's and me last year!
My nieces and their honeys last year!
Good friend Darleene last year!
Baby Doll's hubby & son 2 years ago!
All and all I was eventually able to find these pictures but I really had to rack my brain as to the name of the file the picture would be in. The hardest to find was Baby Doll's photo because it was in a file that is in a file!!! I think this is going to take me awhile to figure it out and I am sure I will find a few shortcuts along the way. Hope every one's holiday season was terrific!!!
Your Desert Rose! 


  1. Our desktop and my laptop both did that when one upgraded to windows 7 and when I had to reinstall windows 7 because mine quit working for some reason. Now it takes an extra step or 2 to get to everything picture wise that you had before. Mom still complains she can't find anything in her files and it's bee over 7 months. I've never had my pic files on my desktop though, they've always been in my picture files or Picasa. I bet you're glad to have your computer back! Let me know if you want help with a makeover.

  2. Oh, as for the comment thing, I don't think it was your computer. I have had many people over the last few months occasionally have problems leaving comments, I have too once or twice.

  3. Awesome pics! Really great shots. Where is that at?


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