Monday, April 30, 2012

For My Sissy Cowgirljlynn and her KING!

My sister Cowgirljlynn just posted that her boy King turned 27 years young yesterday! I love the King and would have added him to my stables if I could have. Instead...the next best thing happened and the King is still in my family!
For my Sissy and her King!
Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prozac For Cowgirls!

For my PNW Pony Cousins...I'll be joining you soon, but I'm gonna take my Prozac first ;)))
Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lizzy Rose Ride Again!!!

You all saw...(I hope) my Christmas post with Lizzy Rose riding Jesse! Well...I found a new way for Lizzy to ride Jesse with me that will be much safer for her at this years Cowboy Christmas at the NFR in Las Vegas. I watched the video on this new product and bought one hoping it would work for Jesse, Lizzy and me!!!
Woo works!
The following video was takern by a young wrangler at my desert stables and I forgot to mention to him not to turn the camera! Sorry you have to look sideways :((( you ALL know, Jesse will do ANYTHING I ask him to do! And so will Lady...within reason ;) I suspect, she will see no REASON in that "puppy basket" should be attached to HER saddle horn. Anyone out there wanna take those odds???
Happy Trails!
Your Desert Rose!