Friday, December 19, 2008

The Desert Rose is a Cowgirl!

The Desert Rose is a Cowgirl. What can I say to anyone that is not
a Cowgirl. They can simply not understand how it feels to smell
your horse, to touch him, or to kiss his sweet muzzle. This is a bond
between horse and his girl/boy (in the future I will only say girl...
not to belittle any boys out there) and no one or thing can exsist
within this circle of love and trust other than the Sacred 2. The code of a Cowgirl is to ride with the wind in her hair, her horses tail flying in the dust behind them while safely, traveling the many happy trails they are fortunate
enough to ride. I must repeat.....safely. To ride safely means you must trust your horse and he must trust you. This trust does not come with your fist ride together, or your 2nd or your 3rd. This trust can take as long as it takes. I am not a trainer nor do I profess to have proficient skills in riding horses. What I do have is a keen sense of the horse. Whether it is my own horse or a borrowed horse of a dear friend, I am able to "join up" with this "new" horse and get a feel for what they need from me to have the trust needed for a safe ride. I have made many mistakes, acted foolish and yet Cowgirled up when I least expected to have to do so.
I will share with you all of these times and hope for your insight and comments, your laughter as you read of our fun, your tears when you cannot keep them form rolling down your cheeks ,your envy of our adventures, and the love between Jesse and his Desert Rose!

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We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!