Monday, December 29, 2008

The Desert Rose is a Zsa Zsa AGAIN!

Here is the 1st picture of " Lexi" and her Zsa Zsa! Zsa Zsa is the name Toby gave to me when he 1st tried to say Janeau....which was the name I had chosen to be called instead of gramma. I think Zsa Zsa is more fitting!

Will be back to post in a few days!

The Desert Rose!


  1. Too cute! Oh, and you are too, hee hee! I like that pic of you! There are Christmas and Hanukkah babies everywhere this year! ;) Can't wait to hear more about. We missed you at Christmas.

  2. Nice to meet you! I've been hearing nice things about you over at the blogs of some of the Pony Cousins. I wish I could swap grandbaby pix, but all I have is 3 granddogs, the Ugsley Pugsleys. Oh, and my son's name is Jesse :-)

  3. Leah...Don't believe all those things the Pony Cousin's have said about me...just becuase it's true. I also thought my daughter was only going to give me furry grand babies...but "a calender and a prayer" worked better for me than for her! Thanks for stopping by....hope you enjoy our far they have benn pretty tame but we are getting into full swing now so Cowgirl up and hit the trail with us!
    The Desert Rose


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!