Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pissed Off!!!

Yesterday's ride with the Bossman, our first since my return to the desert was in the high desert in Joshua Tree National Park. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue and the Jesse and Little Lady were happy to be together again!Jesse is waiting to get his saddle bags loaded...looks like he's napping. This is his usual stance before a ride...tied to his limo, napping!
Hitting the trail on the Lost Horse Mine trail! The Bossman ALWAYS makes me pick the trail. I know it's because if we end up with a bad trail...he can say."We'll you picked it"! I picked this trail because of it's name, and I love new trails and the park protects 794,000 acres witch in includes the Mojave Desert. I read that there are 243 miles of trials inside the park. At an average of 15 mile rides... we should be able to get 15 or so rides. However...some of the rides are very much like our own back yard Indian Canyon so we will probably not ride those as it takes us 2 hours to get up there and into the park. There are 2 entrances to the park and this is the far one. Next time we ride here we will try the close entrance and probably save 1/2 hour in travel time. There are several trails that sound intriguing such as this one...and I hope we come back up and do 3 or 4 of these rides this year. The Bossman ans I only get to ride together once a week cause he has a "real job" too!
The terrain looks pretty much like the low desert...except for these!
These are "Joshua Trees". They are not really trees but a species of yucca. They are one of the few "trees" that thrive in the high desert.
About 1/2 hour into our ride...we came upon this! Not sure when the fire was but certain plant life is starting to come alive again.

At last we come to the "prize" of the trail. Lost Horse Mine! It has been fenced off to keep tourists from getting to close and perhaps injured on this very old structure.

Jesse looks over the valley below!
Trail view!
All that is left of this miners cabin is this old fireplace!
The Bossman & Little Lady!
The Desert Rose & Jesse!
This rusty old bed frame was off to the side of the trail!
The trail is now wagon train style and the kids disagree as to who should lead!
Jesse won...and was so excited he asked to trot, Mom said OK! Then Jesse asks to lope and again...Mom said YES! Only the trail has a few bushes in the middle of the trail here and there and Jesse changes sides of the trial from time to time. One change ended in a tragic moment for the beloved Martin Saddle. Jesse decided to change lanes and way to late I told him he jumped a bush in the middle of the trail!!!
Yes...The Desert Rose..."fuckingpissedinhercowgirlpants!!!" I even wear some "protection" but apparently not enough for jumping a big bush unexpectedly!!! Fortunately we were near the end of the trail!
Our Lunch Rock!
Our lunch guest!
He enjoyed the BLT's and tried for the wine...but I changed his mind! Tummy full...he scampered away to enjoy the view!

We had a great 1st reunion ride and it was so great to be back in the saddle with Jesse!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Sounds like a great ride!! Lovin' the scenery down there, I miss it! I bet the Bossman was glad to have his LL back!

  2. Well, there ya go telling us all something else every cowgirl should have in her arsenal: Depends panties. roflmbo!

    Loved your trail pics all. And your lunch guest was charming!


  3. Oh dear. Speaking of pants and saddles (not necessarily peeing them) have you ever tried to pick a wedgie at a trot. I think it may be impossible.

    I want to ride in a place like that one day.

  4. So beautiful....that desert warmth looks inviting right about now! How are Jesse's hooves after a summer in the desert?

  5. Don't you just hate it when that happens! HeeHee
    looks like you had a great time with OUR bossman!

  6. Ha! Ha! That's hilarious! You didn't pee on the chinks did you? :-) Looks like a great ride though...I'm looking forward riding together soon!

  7. I gotta tell ya, when I saw "Pissed Off" in my sidebar for your post in my Blog List, I just had to hurry on over( I would of come yesterday but was not on line ..granddaughters Christmas play..about.Pirates?!)...

    Anyway, that was pretty funny, you do tell all don't ya! I could sooooo relate to how that could happen!


  9. That's a beautiful ride! It looks so nice out there. You've inspired me, I want to go too!

  10. Fabulous photos! Beautiful scenery! How great for you that you are able to ride in such a breathtaking spot!! Love the lunch guest -- too damn cute. So you literally pissed in the saddle!??! I don't know if I should laugh or feel sorry for you!! But I can't feel too sorry for you -- you get to do all this great riding!!

  11. Oops, at least you didn't p**p your pants. Now that would probably be a GREAT ride!

  12. Wow, nice pics, what a great place to ride. Now...about that little incident... OOPS! ;)
    I was expecting pics and details on your trip to the NFR... sadly, had to just watch all the action from home.

  13. hilarious about peein your pants, Ive almost done that a time or two.

  14. That looks like a great day, and I love the glass of wine at the end of the ride. Perfect end to the perfect trail ride! :)

  15. Looks like a fabulous ride, except for the bladder incident, which we won't mention again.


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!