Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Desert Rose Tack Room...!

Not long ago I posted about my tack room here in the desert. It was...Abigfuckingmess!!! (25 cents in the cuss jar!) I still do not have it all back together yet the way I want it. You see...this year, I do NOT have a room mate! I will miss my former roommate...but now I can spread my wings and really FLY!

Here are some pictures from last year when I shared my tack room!

It was great before...but now I will get to do Everything I want to inside and out!!!

Any idea's Cowgirls???

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I wish I had a tack room, or a whole tack building like that. I'd love to have my house back

  2. I have a great idea for decorating your tack room:
    All you have to do is purchase a plane ticket for Cousin Sares, fly her down to the desert, and turn her loose with your stuff. You would have a tack room fitting for a queen - a rodeo queen, that is.

  3. It doesn't look a mess at all to me -- in fact, it looks pretty cool. Maybe a wall-mount saddle rack? (is that your saddle sitting on the chair??)

  4. It's so great! Wow, having it all to yourself? Why is that? Anyway, I loved SMR's idea to have her redecorate, hee hee! She'd open up a country western flea market in there! :)

  5. You make everything look stylish, girlfriend. Enjoy your new digs all to yourself!


  6. I was wondering if you'd just rent it out to me for the winter?

  7. need a roommate down in the desert????? I don't care if it is in the tack room....sun, warm, blue sky's...I am on the way!

  8. Margarita bar??? Cowgirl boutique?
    Aren't you in AZ now... trailer on down to Tucson for some riding!

  9. Oh.... I think that if you put a little spotted cowhide on the floor for a rug....and maybe toss a little rattan settee with red bandana cushions and a few candles and a Hurricane lamp on a small table...You will have the makings for a wonderful place to relax after a trailride... keep some fixings on hand for a little snack..and a cooler for a drink..and maybe a book or two for just a quiet spot in your day.... If I had that...I'd be as happy as a little piggy in mud!!!....Comancheshadow....


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!