Friday, January 15, 2010

Play Bill!

By now many of you have read Baby Doll's/She who rides many ponies blogs on our adventure...most of which is true, at least from her point of view. She just jumped in and posted the story as we discussed and I have been focusing on pure you all the information we had so you could understand all that happened to us. I have learned by telling and retelling our story...people just naturally jump in and start asking questions and then the story gets all jumbled up.

So this post will introduce the cast of players to you. Because at one time or another...we all go into survival mode, knowing all of the personalities will help you understand how this adventure played out. Because this is my blog...I will play the lead role while my riding partners will be the supporting cast. The horses...which are the reason we got into this pickle (our love of and for them) share equal star status with THE DESERT ROSE!

The Desert Rose~ 2009 Pony Cousin Rodeo Queen, PONY COUSIN Founding Member, Desert Rider, and All around good time Cowgirl! Was once too anxious to mount Jesse without a trainer nearby. Her confidence has now grown to be to big for her Cowgirl pants!

Her Mount: Little Lady~ 5 year old Bay Tennessee Walker Mare, Biological Daughter of Slick, The Bossman is her Human Dad, 2009 Rodeo Mount for the DESERT ROSE, Soon to be Adopted by The Desert Rose!
The Bossman~ Desert Trainer, Human Dad to Slick and Little Lady, Rides Bartender/Groom/ Driver, Does not dress warm for rides cause if stranded thinks he will be the guy in the middle, Mission in Get Slick LAID!!!
His Mount: Slick~ 17 year Old Tennessee Walker Pinto Stallion, Biological Dad of Little Lady although he sometimes chooses to ignore that fact, Member Of Equines Alcoholics Anonymous, Believes that biting the calf of the Desert Rose is in fact FOREPLAY!

Bronco Betsy/Baby Doll~ Founding Member of the PONY COUSINS, Pastry Chef, Traveling Snowbird who just landed for a few rides with The Desert Rose, Foolishly believes that she is in good hands for her rides!
Her Mount: Jesse~ 10 year old Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding, Calls the Desert Rose mom, is plagued by BAD FEET and ASTHMA...although as long as he is given time to blow can hit the trail with the best of them, Trick Pony, and Husband/Grand kid Horse.

Lastly...every good adventure story needs a VILLAIN!!! And as much as I do love this trial... on this ride I do have to say that it lead us to the "HOWTHEFUCKDOWEGETOUTTAHERETRAIL"!

I promise post I will get back on, I mean track and tell the FACTUAL story of our adventure!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Slick is so handsome! I remember the first time I saw him, he was so big and about took off my sister's head, LOL! ;) I still think she should breed her Paint Mare to him, or her Mustang filly someday! A smooth gaited Pinto Mustang, oh yeah!
    Can't wait to hear your version of the story.

  2. I can't wait to read your side of the story either!!I told Bronco Betsy that I would of loved to rode King on that trail with you!!! Love sissy

  3. Yes, waiting for your version, but I am sure they are pretty similar!
    I didn't know Slick was 17 yrs old! I also remember seeing him when we visited you, and wanted to breed my Paint, Fritzy to him!!

  4. Such an ordeal you all had. I bet you were more scared than you let on too. Yeah, Mom said she would have loved to have been stranded for the night. I think she's thinking it was more exciting, less traumatizing than it really was!

  5. You write and I laugh! I bet you are just as funny in person. I'd have to be sure to bring a change of panties in my saddle bag because I'd be laughing so hard. lol!

    Sounds like Fritzy and Slick need to go on a lusty romantic date together one day! hehe!



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!