Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Would the Desert Rose Do?

My quicky New Years Eve post stated that there was going to be a Blue Moon... Once in a Blue Moon! I asked you all what you thought The Desert Rose would do! For those of you that mentioned sex...maybe I will consider that on the next Blue Moon!

The next NY's Eve blue moon will be in 2029 (I think) However the "Grand Rose" may not be here with me then so this would be my only and last chance to get her out on a full (Blue) Moon night ride!!!

My Loving Husband said that we could NOT go for our full moon ride with out the Bossman in case he needed to SHOOT something for us ( And I don't mean with a camera!). Poor Bossman has a bad cold and has lost his voice but "Cowboyedthefuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar) anyway! Well...when he complained that it would be cold, I told him to put his BIG GIRL PANTIES on and just do it! This was also Little Lady's 1st night ride as far as we can remember...Slick and Jesse are old pro's at night rides! Because The Grand Rose and I wanted to toast the New Year with her Papa and younger brother at home...our ride did not begin until 1am!

Hay...I told the Bossman just plain OJ for her but he said his ears wear all plugged up and missed that part!
Heading out on the trail...Little Lady wants to be on Jesse's big Quarter Horse butt! If you look closely you can see The Bossman and Slick ahead of Jesse and The Grand Rose.
Up at the top of the trail overlook! Of course we climbed a trail...I get SEAHORSE sickness down in the wash at night! But I can ride trails no problem!!!
Safely back at the tack room The Grand Rose poses with what will someday be her "Motto"!

The trail ride was awesome, not too cold and very clear out. I did not get a moon shot because I have not yet figured out how to keep my camera from getting spots all over the shots at night.
Little Lady jumped once when my flash went off at the same time as fireworks went off down the street. Then once when the Bossman shined his flashlight in her face. So I had him do it a few times till she realized it was nothing. Jesse was an absolute angel for The Grand Rose! However...Slick and a BUSHMONSTER had a little run in. It was touch and go for a bit over who would win...but Slick soon realized that the bush really did not want him after all and then he just walked by it. many of you have taken a full moon night ride??? Did you have fun? Would you do it again?
Your Desert Rose!
PS The Bossman did not have to shoot anything!!!


  1. The last time I did a full moon ride it was in 1976, a few days before Christmas. I rode my little mare Copper down our road, with sleigh bells on delivering Christmas cards to our neighbors, by myself. She was great, never spooked and we rode about 4 miles round trip. I remember it was a bit cold....I was in my twenties then....apparently, no sense no feeling!! LOL

  2. The last full moon ride I went on was in 1998. I was on a two year old and Tom rode a just-started three year old. Two others were on older horses. They galloped ahead, but we decided to be smart and slower. It was fun.

  3. Too cool. I have never ridden at night.

    Don't wait until the next blue moon for sex ;-)

  4. I have only ridden at night with you in the desert! :) Twice, I believe? Gosh I miss coming to see you there! I hope I can again soon.
    I am glad the Grand Rose got to enjoy such a fun ride! And the fireworks component, oh golly! Forgot about that, on top of the bushmonster! What a bunch of nice ponies you had!

  5. I'm sure it's something you'll all remember for a long time to come. No nighttime trail rides for me!

  6. I'm so jealous!!! I love night rides. Can you imagine if we had gone with you?!?! The last time I went on a night ride was not too long ago, but there was hardly any moon and it was very clear too, so no reflection of the city lights. Not the best night for night riding. The last time we went out under a full moon was the night before I broke my arm! But don't worry, it won't stop me from night rides.

  7. I've ridden Baby Doll under a full moon once and when there was no moon at all. I also rode my neighbor's Arabian out at night, at not quite a full moon.
    It's always so magical to ride at night I think. Especially when the moon makes it so bright that it casts shadows on the ground of every bush and tree, and even yourself riding your horse!


  8. Never been on one! Wonder how my Dustbuster would do! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  9. I love night time rides, however they are dangerous right now. Ice and such. How I long for summer, how many more days?


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!