Monday, February 1, 2010

Cowboy & Mama H Ride with The Desert Rose!

A few weeks ago..Cowboy and Mama H came to ride with The Desert Rose in the Indian Canyons! There was a SMALL issue...Mama H was NOT willing to have the Desert Rose be in the lead for this ride. This was sooooo confusing for the Desert Rose because when Cowboy H and Mama H were courting...their foreplay was...Cowboy H trying to take off Mama H's bridle while in a full gallop in the dry wash!!! How could she be scared of a "little" unscheduled overnight stay on the mountain with me??? But to make Mama H happy...The Desert Rose complied with her request. Either Mama H or Cowboy H led the ride! But because the Desert Rose was too polite to ever make a fuss about this arrangement...Little Lady was sooooo happy to stand in for her, by tyring to kick Mama H's stable horse when ever she could!

It was truly a beautiful day for a ride...even if my riding buckaroos were a bit late in mounting up!!! (I had to mention this in case the Bossman and I are late for our ride with them soon at their stables!)
Yes we just climbed up that hill! No...none of my PONY COUSINS have done THIS ride! Almost at the top Cowboy and Mama H pose for a photo opp! See the little pointy Mountain in the background??? I will be riding that is a great ride, 360 degree view!!! Cowboy and Mama H in the Fern Canyon! Uh Oh...Little Lady...wha wha what is this??? Oh don't worry "Auntie" I can jump this no problem!!! ( Hay...can I call you MOM soon???) At the very top of our trail...we see this!!! (The unscheduled overnight stay on the mountains was just below and to the left about 3 miles beneath the snow!) Cowboy and Mama H climb the big hill!We stop off at the water fall to give the horses a drink!
Cowboy H relaxes in the sun.
You can hardly see it but Little Lady picked up a stick from the water to play with!
The last week of rain we had here has filled all the usual watering holes...aren't they beautiful?
Look hands!

While filming this video, Little Lady stepped into a sink hole with her hind hoof. You will see us dip to one side then she lunges up out of it. We tend to get sinks holes after heavy rains, the sand can get just like quick sand. Fortunately this was a small sink hole!

When we stopped to use the little girls room I tied Little Lady close to the trees because she loves to eat them!

I call her Little Piggy all the time cause she will eat anything!

On our way back to the trailer Cowboy H and I did some trotting and loping in the creek bed for Mama H to photograph! Had to say, that was really fun!!! It was so nice to see Cowboy and Mama H...glad I'll be seiing them again soon.

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Oh, I'm soooooo jealous! If I was coming over mid-winter break, I would be there in 9 days!!! :(
    It was fun to see Mama H carry her BIG camera on the ride, LOL! I am still trying to figure out how to do that, now that I've started using it, my point and shoot (which is not that expensive) just isn't cutting it to capture the scenery on a trail ride!
    Anyway, glad you guys had a great ride!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Nothing prettier than the desert rides. Maybe next year.

  3. Love that picture of Little Lady and the stick! That pointy mountain you will soon be riding looks like a pyramid from Egypt!

  4. Where did you do this desert ride? It looks like the Indian Canyons near Palm Springs!

  5. Star picks up stick all the time. Just random things she decides to hold in her mouth!

    The ride looked beautiful !

  6. Man, I HAVE to my pics uploaded. Ugh. Love the pics, so nice to finally have some of Cowboy H and I together! It was such a great day, and I'm considering allowing you to be Trail Boss again. But just considering it. Don't get ahead of yourself. CANNOT wait for our Feb. ride!

  7. Looks like fun...When are you guys riding in February? And where? :-(

  8. Wow! Those aren't water holes....they are an OASIS! Just gorgeous! I've never been to one with the pretty ferns and palm trees. I loved the videos, too.
    What a great ride.
    Does Mama H always bring her big mondo camera on rides? My shoulder feels sore just looking at it. She needs a little point and shoot Canon Power shot for trail rides, don't ya think?

    I have to admit that in the first shot of her, I thought she had one of those baby carriers on and she was toting a baby! ROLFMBO!


  9. Oh! And I meant to add, that pointy mountain reminds me of a tit. Is it called teton or something similar. Teton means tit, by the way. You know of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, right? lol!



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!