Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Doll's Birthday Ride!

The Bossman and I had a plan...well sort of had a plan. He was not sure if he was going to have to work or not so there was plan A...the ride I would take Baby Doll on by myself...hoping he could join us for a birthday drink back at my tack room and there was plan B...the ride we would take with Baby Doll if he could go with us! The only trick to making this plan work was...he would not know until the day before if he was working or not!
Now for the last couple of weeks Baby Doll had been asking me all sorts of question about her BD ride, where were we going, who was she riding, how long of ride was it going to be, all these questions to try and find out our plan. She even confessed to me that she had been sneaking around other blogs and facebook trying to find any info on her BD ride that she could. However she was not able to find out ANYTHING! Then in desperation...she started suggesting which trail we should ride... and indicated she wanted to ride Little Lady!!!
Finally Baby Doll arrived to the desert and we talked about her "outfit" for the ride because the Bossman would need to know how to dress "her" horse for the ride. She settled on my turquoise Pendleton blanket and I told her I would let the Bossman know her choice!
Only...I forgot to let him know! So when I arrived at the stables the morning of the ride...Little Lady was there waiting for me!She always nickers and talk to me when I arrive and it is soooo cute! However...I immediately noticed a faux pas in her outfit!!! Horseshit...she was wearing the wrong color pad! I scolded her (gently) for not making it clear to the Bossman when he was dressing her... what color Pendleton blanket she was suppose to wear. You see... when I don't tell the Bossman ahead of time which color blanket I want...he just takes the one on top! I used the turquoise last time I rode so it was on top! There was no way I was gonna ask him to change the blankets...even for Baby Doll!

So I go to the tack room and then see Slick standing there waiting to and see that he is wearing the black Pendleton blanket...which I thought was very handsome on him and very cute ...because I figured the Bossman was going have us all in matching Pendleton blankets today and figured he must have put the coral or beige Pendleton blanket on Baby Dolls horse which was going to be a rental horse, probably Banjo or one of the other horses he knew Baby Doll has ridden before.Now the last time I rode with the Bossman I got into trouble for not letting him know I was there...he was back at his tack room ( yes...they hide him in the back) and I was at my tack room which is up front for everyone to see and I had lost me cell phone and could not call him! Now that I have my new phone I called to say...I'm here!

I causally mention the "blanket issue" sorta like a joke... and the Bossman defends himself as I knew he would... by saying...well didn't you look at the saddle??? And I said...noooooooo, I was too concerned about the blanket! He said well go look...I do and see this!

Little Lady is wearing...BABY DOLL'S SADDLE!!! ( He MUST like her better!) I figure this means that I am going to have to ride one of the stable horses and it must be a ringer if he was not going to put Baby Doll on it and give her MY HORSE instead! With hidden (hee hee) annoyance in my voice I say...well who am I riding??? Again he says well look at the saddles! Now I am starting to realize that there is only one horse left at the tie rails and I turn and look at the handsome Slick! Now how in the world did I miss seeing MY saddle on Slick??? The stirip fringe alone should have jumped out at me like a RATTLE SNAKE! I could not believe the Bossman was LETTING me ride the famous Slick!!! You see...Slick has a "thing" for me and has been know to try and get some before play going with me by biting me on the know just a little "let's make lovebite".

I will tell you later who the Bossman will be riding because now it is time for our famous ritual...Mimosa's!!!Just before mount up we had our picture taken together!

Now...I am going leave the rest of this story up to Baby is after all her birthday ride and she does have rare footage of the Desert Rose that you won't ever see on this blog...but never say never! All except some photo's of me and Slick...who knows when I will get to ride him again...and he is a FABULOUS ride...thanks Bossman for sharing Slick with me!

A new view for me!
The Bossman is riding his a 3 year old baby of a clients!
Baby Doll at her Birthday Lunch!But where were the horses???
Why at the tie rails behind the restaurant...don't all restaurant's have tie rails??? Well they should!!!

After lunch we loaded up into the trailer that the BIGFOOT had drooped off for us and headed back to the stables...but Baby Doll wanted to ride some more. So we decided to give her another ride of her life!!!

Ya...Baby Doll gets to go down this trail! It is known to be...the steepest (scary), drop off cliffs (scary), narrow switchbacks (scary) oneway (scary) most avoided trail in our canyon! Oh by the way...did I mention that it is SCARY!!! Yes... this is what you get when you tell the Bossman and the Desert Rose the ride was too short! Here are pictures of Baby Doll coming down the the way, I forgot to tell her this trails HISTORY!

Baby Doll's face...when I tell her the trails history almost at the bottom of it!
At the end of the this one HAPPY BIRTHDAY COWGIRL!!!

I am very proud to bestow this award to my Baby Doll for always following the Desert Rose... even when she would rather not!!!
Here's to you Baby Doll...for following me down the "Scary Shannon Trail"!Hay Baby can have the cowboy...BUT THE HORSE IS MINE!!!

Don't we still hang horse thieves????

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Man, I'm gonna have to spend my birthday, I mean OUR birthdays, with you next time! You sure know how to make a girl feel special. Haven't been to Rock Garden in ages and have not taken the trail to it ever. Always rode through the golf course, in the dark of course! Your trail pics are great, specially the one of the Shannon going ALL THE WAY DOWN. And, you look mighty fine on Slick; a pretty good match. What a great birthday for 'Baby Doll'!

  2. You always take the best rides. At least you didn't end up spending the night out there this time!

  3. Hahah I have a horse theif, shes 9 years old though.

  4. While I don't think you look bad on that black and white paint, I'm kind of partial to you on a big RED quarter horse! ;)

    What an awesome birthday surprise!

    And yes, we still hang horse thiefs!

  5. Whoo Hoo! THANK YOU! I'm so excited for the award! It is so darned cute! Loved my birthday surprise ride...I couldn't have picked a better day or friends to spend it with! Horse thievery runs in my blood...I can't help it ;-)

  6. Sounds like you all had a great time!

  7. Wow, tie rails at the restuarant, how cool is that! Looks like it was a great birthday celebration.

  8. I just found ya thru Mama H's blog --- wow you gals know how to trail ride... I'll be back - might even have to sip on a beverage while I'm reading about your adventures... What Cool Times!

  9. That is so funny that you noticed the blankets and not the saddles! That's what happens when you're more interested in the decorations than the thing that actually keeps your butt on the horse! I bet it's a female thing, accessories and all. It looks like you all really enjoyed the ride on your "new" horses!

  10. looks like super fun! IT so weird that I am not getting blog post updates on my sidebar.

  11. You're right: every restaurant should have tie rails.

    You guys crack me up! I need to come spend my birthday with you!!

  12. lol! lol! That last photo is too cute!
    And Baby Doll may look happy, but Little Lady looked tuckered out!
    I don't even think I'd attempt that trail on foot. That looked terrifying! And I bet you couldn't drink too much liquid courage because you had to be focused 100% to deal with that steep ruggedness! wow! True extreme cowgirls.

    And tell the Bossman to lower his hand just a little bit when hugging you ladies. Looks like he's trying to 'cop a feel' in that group photo! lol! lol!

    You guys have so much fun!


    ps Happy Birthday to Baby Doll!


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