Monday, March 29, 2010


Who doesn't love OREO's??? And of course the next question do you eat them?Do you eat the cookie whole...savoring every bite??? Or do you carefully separate the outer chocolate cookies to lick the luscious rich icing center with your tongue??? Then you need to eat the outer cookie shells which are never as good without the frosting.
How do you think this little cowpoke is gonna eat his OREO"S???
Yup...he's a frosting only kind of guy!!!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. The good thing is, grandma can "clean up" the cookie parts! A little grandkid slobber never hurts. :)
    Hey, I was just wondering about my magazine --- did you ever get my e-mail with my address???
    Need something good to read in the bath :)

  2. Fun post! I eat (or should I say, inhale) my OREO's whole...yummy. I love the pj's on the little cowpoke.

  3. The frosting is my least favorite part! Double Stuffed? Forget about it. I love those little chocolate cookies!

  4. I have to dip mine in a big glass of cold milk!!

  5. I had oreo's for dessert tonight. I dipped them in a glass of nice, cold milk! But I also like to open them up and lick out the frosting! I have a little bit of "kid" in me still!

  6. I have no preference on how to eat them. Any way is good with me!

  7. Too cute!! I love them in a Bailey's shake from Red Robin (try it sometime- delish! Well, don't let the munchkin have the Bailey's!) :) Did you mail the cowgirl magazine yet? I keep looking in the mailbox! Just want to make sure I get it and my landlord doesn't steal it or something, LOL!

  8. Too cute!

    My favorite way?

    Fried Oreos! Yummo. They taste just like Devil Dogs. Remember them in your lunch box when we were kids?


  9. Have you tried the vanilla oreo's? They are my favorite!


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!