Monday, May 24, 2010

My Favorite Flower is in Season ( NOT HEAT)

It is always bittersweet to leave the desert and come back to the PNW...besides the grand kids... another sweet thing I enjoy coming home to is PEONIES!!! They are in the top 3 of my favorite flowers...but my #1 flower of choice for vases. They have a relatively short season so I get a new bunch as soon as the ones I have die. This week I had my family over for dinner and decided to really splurge for the table center piece. I usually put it inside of an Asian cashe pot...makes for a fabulous arrangement! Unfortunately...I did not get a picture of them...but here is the finished vase!

Here's both vases...

I took a picture a few days later so you could see how the Peonies have opened...

Because they are in 2 vases...I can spread the beauty around the house!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. These are at the top of my list too. Along with roses, sweet peas, and ranaculas. They are beautiful, especially the color!

  2. They are beautiful.

    My peonies didn't return this year. Not sure why not but it makes me sad.

  3. I love peonies too! They are so gorgeous. The color on the ones you got is just stunning. So vibrant! I'm fortunate to have about 20 rose bushes, all blooming uncontrollably! My house smells so good from them.

  4. I love peonies as well! I am especially partial to what I call all the old-fashioned flowers. Camellias, roses, hydrangeas, lilacs, peonies, lavender...the list goes on and on ;)

  5. Beautiful, and so vibrant. I love them! I have my dad coming into town in a few weeks, and I am going to get some to put around the house.

  6. Very pretty...I'm lucky if things grow for me, but I too seem to have luck with the old fashioned flowers. I LOVE lilacs and hydrangeas and peonies. Things that are on bushes....

  7. I've never seen a peony before. I suppose it's to dry here for them to grow well?

    My favorite flowers are geraniums. I love their pop of bright red and the way the hang down like waterfalls of lipstick red from flowerpots.
    Very cheerful and easy to take care of, too.



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Jesse and his Desert Rose!