Thursday, May 6, 2010


The time of the year that we all hate...our horses look like orphans that no one loves. The hair gets all over your clothes, face, and god your mouth!!! That is the worst,,,because you can't get it out. You try to get that one piece of hair outta your mouth and you put 5 pieces bask in beacuse it's all over your hands!!!
A few weeks ago I decided to spend some time working on this issue. We keep lightweight nylon sheet on Lady and Jesse during the winter to help keep them clean more than anything, I used to body clip Jesse but stopped doing that 2 years ago. Now both horses do get winter hair but not as much as they would if they did not have the sheets on. However that hair was so ready to come off...bunches of it had rubbed off from the blanket. I tied both horses to the rail and took off their blankets to find this!
Jesse...oh so wooley!
Lady...she is not as wooley!Watch how easy it is to shed them both out in less than an hour using my handy dandy shedding brick!
Jesse's hair lying in the sand.
Lady actually was harder to do because her coat was not as ready to come out and it is much finer strands than Jesse's.
Jesse'was dusty but now he is starting to look smooth and shinny!

Lady is not as dusty and really shinning alot!

I tell you...that little handy dandy sheddeing brick is a GEM!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I wonder if that would work on my Jesse James the Jack Russell Terror. :):):)

  2. I love those groomers stones/blocks. They are awesome on the horses for that finer hair the brushes don't seem to catch and pull out.

  3. I'll have to check into that handy dandy shedding block!! I could really use one for Fritzy. Brandy was body clipped, so she doesn't need one. Chance is shedding quicker then Fritz.
    I hate horse hair in the mouth! Happens every day!

  4. Ours are all slicked up and shiny now. I use those shedding blocks every year and they're the best! Yes, I hate hair in the mouth. My fingers are dirty from brushing and putting a dirty finger in there to get it out is not good either!LOL! Absolute worst is hair in your eyes!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!