Saturday, August 28, 2010

Like the First Day of School!

Those of us who have children know what it is like to send your child off to his/her 1st day at school. There is a mixed flow of emotions full of pride... and anxiety which of course, can produce...TEARS, even from a rough, tough cowgirl like myself.
Here is Baby Doll...getting Shayna Lady Rose all groomed up.
Ooppps...she heard the camera click and now wants to POSE...
Lady's butt is sure looking big here...I'm just saying.
Newly initiated PONY COUSIN... grooming up Jesse...with a bit of help from A Cowgirl's Grace!!! (my Sissy) a all know how I felt, watching my babies leave camp with out me...for the very 1st time. Ok ,Ok not counting the Bossman and Dear Friends rides with them!!!

That's them...the last 2 horses...Lady and Jesse...I am so proud to be the human partner to these 2 magnificent equines!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Aha I seen that one coming. Congrats on the new pony cousin initiation.

  2. And you are SO gracious and generous to share your precious babies with us too! I will never be able to express appropriately how much I appreciate that. Your hard work with them shows, because even when you aren't with them, they behave wonderfully. You should be proud! (I wondered if it had to be bothering you a bit to let them go out without you like that....)

  3. They are so beautiful -- even the large derrier is beautiful! No wonder you are so proud of them....


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!