Friday, September 3, 2010

Stars & Stripes...PONY COUSIN STYLE!

We pledge the the bra
from the Victoria Secret catalogue
2 boobs...under wire
with cleavage and support for all. Pony cousin "misplaced" a certain striped garment at our recent PONY COUSIN STAMPEDE. And in spite of her constant interrogation of the younger cousins, her constant wondering, then searching for said failed to "turn up". That is until it "showed up" Sunday morning, the day of our rodeo! Yes...those younger cousins had kidnapped the favorite bra, and held it hostage before running it up the flag pole to wave ever proud with "Old Glory"!

As if the humiliation of the entire population of ranch guests viewing the garment waving at them in the gentle breeze was not enough...the above "pledge" was recited by all of the PONY COUSINS before the start of our rodeo!

I personally think it was the stripes that gave those younger cousins the idea...

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Yep, they came up with a good one with that!!

  2. LOL .. that was had to be a site to see!! Is it on YouTube???? Would of loved to be there for this one!!!

  3. Too funny! Great picture too. Our poor bras. I went to a slumber party in Jr. High once and mine ended up in the freezer!

  4. Ha Ha Ha! I wonder how that got there?!?

  5. Never seen one with stripes before. Where's the stars? lol!

    Isn't there a cool trail up there in PNW near you called the Bra Trail?
    It's literally lined with bras!


  6. Thanks for reminding me of that funny incident, it made me smile! What a great "pledge", too! :)
    I will have to check out Lisa's link to the bra trail, I have never heard of such a thing.

  7. p.s. forgot to mention that was Pony Girl making that last anonymous comment!!

  8. What a rotten bunch of pranksters! I guess it could always be worse....It could'v been my old, worn, sports bra. The most embarrassing moment was when Justin carried it over and returned it to me!!!! Ugh...

  9. What's that expression?? "Let's run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it?" Well, did they?
    I swear you Pony cousins are just too cool! I am tempted to load my mare Divna up in the trailer and drive out west to hang out with all of you!

  10. Love your blog; honestly. Permit me one small suggestion, though. Your comments come from - what should I call them - cowgirls? Let's open it up a bit. I'll admit, it is a very interesting blog. My wife, Regina, and I enjoy the heck out of it. May I suggest you tailor part of it to rest of us, aka, cowboys. Please explain to us lost souls what happens when a bunch of cowgirls hoists their bras on a flagpole? It doesn't happen often in Indiana. Thanking you in advance, John Zdravich, Otis, IN


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!