Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fly Me to the Moon!!!

Just how many airline miles do you think it would take to earn a free ticket to the moon??? Oh but wait...what about an upgrade to first class, after all the moon would be a long trip and you would certainly want to be comfy. Well since I am a wuss when it comes to taking trips...my husband really has to work on me to agree to taking one and he knows to sweeten the deal with an upgrade to first class! Because we go back and forth to the desert/PNW alot and we put absolutely EVERTHING on a credit card to earn miles we were able to nab to 1st class seats on Alaska Airline's partner...British Air! We have flown with Britsh Air before and have had nothing but great flights with them so even though the trip would be long...at least I knew I would be comfy.
Usually my Loving Husband and I fly side by side...but this trip my seat was behind his. He was told that the side seats had more room...and they did have more room for my stuff although I think the seating area was the same size. Here I am stetched out in my seat that will eventully be my bed for the night!
Shortly after we boarded the plane and were seated...our steward bought us each one of these cute little dopp kits!
With oh so many fun little jars of potions all designed to make your flight comfy!
Inside we found...an eye mask, ear plugs, snuggly socks, tooth paste/brush, mouthwash, lip balm, eye gel, hand/body lotion, and radiant face cream!
Then once we were in flight...the steward came to ask me what size sleepwear I would feel most comfy in??? Someone has trained this guy not to just bring you the extra large!
After dinner the steward suggested I slip into something more comfy while he made up my bed for me! Well...I don't get that offer too often, so off I went to the lavi to change. When I returned this is what I found he had done for me...

There was a mattress pad beaneath a down comforter sleeping bag!!! Of corse there was a down pillow to go with it and a beautiful cashmere blanket in case I got a bit chilly!
You can see my own little down travel pillow that I take EVERYWHERE with me...it's in the striped case.
To the right of my bed is my "nightstand" table with purse, bottled water, wine, and espresso. My ear phones are on the comforter and my own little TV/ movie screen is at the far end of the "nightstand"!

All settled in for a good nights sleep...with the stewards promise to wake me up in 6 hours for breakfast! You know...I could get use to having him around! ;)
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Flying in style! Only fitting for a Desert Rose!

  2. Holy crapola! When I went to Europe with girlfriends, we flew British Air too...(LOVE THEM!) But, we were in Business class (one down from First) and we walked through first when departing and saw those comfy beds! We did get the overnight pack, reclining chairs and t.v's though! So glad you are being pampered! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I never knew there was such a thing as pj's and a down comforter on a plane? WOW!! You are one lucky cowgirl!! :)
    xo/PONY GIRL

  4. What? They seriously do that on airplanes? Wow! I have been missing out!

  5. It sounds like the only way to go! Love the little kit they give you.

  6. Wow!!! I am sitting here with my jaw dropped down as far as it will go. I have never flown 1st class....it looks so wonderful!!!

  7. Didn't know such service existed on the airlines! Good for you!


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