Monday, February 14, 2011

The Bossman...How he got his name!

In today's world it has become important for us all to protect our "real" lives which is why animals get their REAL names used...but on my blog...HUMANS all have an alter ego!!! Hence THE BOSSMAN!!!! He was quite offended when I gave him this "alter ego" and pretty much said..."I am a slave"!!! Hence this post to let you all see that I indeed did give him the correct "alter ego"!!! And you should cast your vote...does the BOSSMAN think he is boss???

The following is an email from the Bossman... sent to Baby Doll, The Ghost Rider and myself before out last ride!

Ready to leave as close to seven as possible (picking up lunch).
Time in saddle 4.5
Lunch 1.0
Driving 1.5
Packing bags .5
Mimosas .5
Looking for trail 1.0
Mimosa .5
Pea stops .5
Go back for items .5
Mimosa .5
Sound about right????

Then of course is my response to him...

The most important question IS THERE SNOW UP THERE???????
The way you DRIVE...SHAVE 1/2 HOUR OFF OF THAT!!!
I WILL pee...when I need to! ( that is a BETHISM...only she did NOT want me to PEE!!!)
You are the one that LOST the trail....why charge me for 1 hour???
Mimosa...if you would mix them ahead of time...we could save . 5 in time!

Oh heck...we are the ONLY ones that would put up with each other!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Oh, of course I vote for Bossman! I know for a fact, we are often surprised by what he has in store for us on ride days. But we typically love it! And...isn't he telling YOU that Jesse stays here this year? I'm just sayin! ;-)

  2. WEll, here is my response... I'm going to be down there to ride with you, Baby Doll and The Bossman in about a month. I want to be pampered like the rest of you so I guess he could be my slave, on the other hand I am going to try and steal Baby Dolls claim of her being the favorite Pony Cousin!!! So my vote would be he is the Bossman!!!

  3. Well, I am going to be down there in about a month to ride with you, Baby Doll and the Bossman. I want to be pampered like the two of you so I would say he could be my slave, on the other hand I am going try and steal him away from Baby Doll and become his favorite Pony Cousin so I guess he is the "Bossman"

  4. Bossman is my kind of cowboy ~ no nonsense 'cause he gets right to the point! He should be proud of his alter ego name.

  5. I tried to post a comment last night and it wouldn't go , so here goes again.. I am looking forward to being spoiled by the Bossman, and maybe giving Baby Doll a run for her money and try to become his Favorite Pony Cousin!!!

  6. That is TOO cute! I love his email. And that you have such a wonderful friendship! To know someone is there to care for your ponies when you are not is a great blessing, trust me I am in the same situation! ;-)

  7. He sounds like The Planner!!! Maybe you need a bit more Mimosa time!!

  8. Hey, Hey cousin! If I know Bossman, he's got room for lots of favorites! Can't wait to see you girls!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!