Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blown Away!

Thought I would share with you all an unexpected experience we had on a recent trail ride. The ride was 3 hours total in our Indian Canyon last week. It was a gorgeous day when 4 of us headed out. The Bossman was riding Lady (per my request) because the last few times we have ridden the canyon trail that you see us heading down to in the video... she has been PISSY! Baby Doll was on my trusty Jesse...who now nickers at Baby Doll when she goes to get him. Last summer he would turn his butt to her when she approached his stall and her little Baby Doll feelings were hurt. I kept my eye on them and found some tips for Baby Doll to improve her relationship with Jesse...and wa la, it worked so well that on a recent ride when Jesse and Baby Doll had a scramble that led to Jesse going down on his side, Jesse waited for Baby Doll to get out from under his tummy before getting himself up righted!!! My friend the Ghost rider needed her 2 horses to get some trail time so she brought me her Peruvian Passo BRIO for the ride. This would be my 1st ride on Brio though I had been on 2 rides when the Ghost rider was riding him. The first 2 hours of the ride went without incident and we were all marveling at the joy of doing what we love in this beautiful desert. As the trail headed southwest the light breeze became wind, until this is what we had to ride in. I am so sorry for the tilted camera...I could hardly keep the camera in my hands and did not realize I had turned it. However...if you are willing to tip your head or your computor for this short will bee how we were almost BLOWN AWAY!
By the way, the wind was suddenly gone when we got to the bottom of the canyon to enjoy our lunch at the picnic grounds. BRIO was a real doll and such fun to ride...I have since ridden him a 2nd time! Shanna Lady Rose was on her best behavior...sure she would be with the Bossman...and I can't wait for this 4-somes next ride!!!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. was that Joyce wearing a helmet in front of you?

  2. I am stupid enough to do this with the camera all the time too. NOT that you're stupid or anything!

    You can really hear the wind in the video. The beach always used to get like that too.

    Sorry about the snow/spring drama. I just wanted snow ONCE before winter left. I got it, enjoyed it, and now want to move on!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!