Monday, March 7, 2011

Slick The Bachelor!

I hope that by now you all know our resident stallion, SLICK, (and Shanna Lady Rose's biological dad)... who belongs to our Bossman! What you may not know is that the Bossman's main goal in getting SLICK layed! They must have made a pact a few years back...if only one of them was gonna get was gonna be SLICK!!!
I always have to remind myself that wonderful as he is to ride and be still a STALLION...and his idea of foreplay is to bite anything within reach, including but not limited to my calve, thigh and maybe even a boob!
It seems that the last time that SLICK got laid was when Shanna Lady Rose ( formally the known as the horse, Lil' Lady) and lady just turned 7!!!
Hell, if you think the Bossman was cranky...SLICK was running neck & neck with the Bossman in the CRANKY department.
So...the Bossman filled out a profile for SLICK on the SB&WM (single black & white mare) website and found these 3 possible "dates" for SLICK!

Slick's 1st response was from my own "PONY EQUICUZ" Fritzy!!!
 And while SLICK was sure impressed with Fritzy's sassy stride and flashy "piece of" meant he would need to go to the PNW with the Desert Rose to meet & greet Fritzy properly, alas, it was not meant to be!

Slick's 2nd response to his ad came from NEW MEXICO in the high desert form the Desert Rose's dear blogger friend, Lisa from the Laughing Orca Ranch, whose paint mare BABY DOLL ( no...not my cousin BABY DOLL)
seemed to be looking for a strong man of her own! And even though the distance between Slick and Baby Doll was less than  a 6 hour drive...the Bossman nixed that idea...because there might be snow!!! Yes...Bossman is a woos when it come to cold! He will ride 8 hours in 110 degree weather...but not one mile if it is under 60 !!!
Close to wits his end...Slick begged the Bossman to find him a mare...Slick said that it did not even need to be a SB&WM...he was willing to LAY anymare!!!
Destiny seems to rear up her head whenever she pleases...and out of the blue at SLICK'S very own stables in the desert, there suddenly appeared a SB&WM!!! 
I can not tell you how many times SLICK got laid...but it was apparently enough to get the job done!!!

Yup...Doc says...there a BABY in there...
but since the last BABY looked like this
The Bossman asked the Doc..."Can you see if the BABY is BLACK & WHITE???

Last night...I had a dream that the new BABY had arrived...and yes it blew me away!!!

I just don't know how I will put up with 2 BOSSMEN!!!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. I would love to breed Fritzy to Slick! The first time I ever saw him, I was like, oh ya! There's a mate for Fritzy!
    I love the B & W!! There is just something about them! I was just on Dreamhorse the other night dreaming over a couple really nice B & W's!!

  2. Slick is sure handsome, and my mare sure was drop-dead gorgeous!

    Awwww, seeing those two pics of my Baby Doll mare made me miss her and want her back. Sometimes I dream of going to get her and have her live with me again. She'd be 17 now and she'd have to be more mellow, right?

    Would love to have another black and white horse someday. Baby Doll and Slick would have made a beautiful foal together.
    Those paints make the perfect pasture ornaments. Ooh la la!


  3. Cute post! If Paint Girl wasn't so into the Mustangs now I'd bet she'd breed Slick to Fritz and get her OH another smooth trail horse!! ;-)

  4. Congratulations to Slick!! he sure is a good looking stallion....should be a beautiful foal..happy for all of you!

  5. Can't wait to see this baby! Go Slick Daddy!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!