Monday, May 2, 2011


On my last scheduled desert ride my riding buddy...Amos's mom and I were treated to the sight of a lifetime!
We were riding a trail that is NOT ridden by anyone I know because of it's difficulty and it's rapid gain in elevation. the key word here, that is where this majestic guy lives. He is protected in our desert and for years during LAMBING season, signs were posted that led anywhere near his breeding ground saying..."closed for llambing season". Ok...that was not exactly what it said but I could NOT find a picture of one of the signs in my archives...although I know I have many. Several years ago...even though the signs were still posted...the ban was lifted for hikers and riders as long as NO dogs were on the trail. The Big Horn is known to stop breeding when dogs are present...DOGS are the predator in a flight world.
As we came around the corner...Amos's mom stopped and said SHHHHHHH!!!! Her finger to her mouth...her other finger pointing up above us.
This is what Shanna Lady Rose and I saw!!! The pictures are posted in the order I took them...the 1st 2 are on my cell phone, the rest are from my camera!

 How in the world did Amos's mom see this guy...way up there??? He was laying down at the time and I think the noise of our many cameras and cell phones zooming in & out finally caused him to stand...yet not in fear!

This proud beautiful boy stayed within our sight for up to 5 minutes! He was NOT fact acted curious about us. After 13 years of riding in his territory...I am in finally in awe of his royal presence!!!



  1. WOW! That is just the coolest thing ever! I'd be wishing for a super zoom camera to get a close-up of those horns. So majestic! Lucky you!


  2. Very cool! So glad you had the other camera with you. I do believe there have been a few sightings of big horn sheep over in Central Oregon this past couple of years.

  3. Very, very cool. It is always a treat coming up on animals in the wild, whether it be on horseback or hiking. Our biggest surprise was coming upon two bears, grazing in a meadow. I was too flippin freaked out to take a picture!!

  4. The only time I ever saw one in the wild was driving across Hoover Dam. It truly is a sight one doesn't ever forget. Same with seeing a herd of wild horses.

  5. Too cool! Those horns are amazing!What a treat for your last ride of the season. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!