Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tough Eonugh to Wear PUPPY!

Late this past spring my nieces Pony Girl & her Farm boy & Paint Girl & her OH visited us in the desert for a long weekend! There was of course a trail ride, farmers market, casino night, and plenty of pool time as the PNW er's needed to get a bit of color to prove they had been on vacation ;)
During one of the pool afternoons...Lizzy Rose was excited to see Pony Girl splashing around in the pool. one thing led to another...and you guessed it. I handed Lizzy to Pony Girl in the pool. Well...the PUPPERONI just curled up into a ball and cuddled into Pony Girl. Then she tried to get away...with not great luck...and then MOMMY rescued her! I quickly wrapped PUPPERONI up in towels and dried her off and let her get down. She made a bee line for the OH and jumped into his chair. From there it went to speak!
Apparently the PUPPERONI & the OH had bonded during their stay and she decided he would protect her form those MEAN GIRLS that got her all wet! By the way...her coat was so curly after her swim ;)

And every time I would approach to take her...Lizzy's little eyes would open slightly...and I could just hear her say...My OH will protect me from you and PONY GIRL...and he did, he sat there for over an hour just letting the PUPPERONI have some safe and loving time~
Thank you OH.,..the PUPPERONI misses you too ;)))
Your Desert Rose!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leaving...on a Jet Plane!

The end of our SNOWBIRD season has again...come to an end. However...this year will be bitter sweet for our family as we leave the desert, we are leaving one behind!
Jesse ...will be staying in the desert for the summer season at the Bossman's request. As most of you know, Jesse has terrible hooves...and with 2 new quarter cracks he needs the SHOESALESMAN close at hand to monitor him as needed. Last year...the SHOESALESMAN graciously flew to PDX 2 times to shoe Jesse & Lady every 9 weeks. However Jesse did NOT have the quarter cracks that he has now! Jesse also has took us 3 months to get him to be able to do our favorite desert trails when we arrived from the PNW...we just do not have the same kind of cardio work out options in the PNW~
I am posting  some of my favorite pictures of Jesse...please bare with me IF you have seen them before... :)))

I will see you love!
Your Desert Rose!
PS If I did not know for a FACT...that the Bossman loves Jesse as much as I do...I could never leave him...besides....Auntie Danielle ( the Bossman's daughter...will give Jesse all the COWGIRL KISSES he needs while we are apart!!!)
I went to the stables tonight to say goodbye to Jesse...I swear he knows I am leaving...he was exceptionally loving. I left the stables teary eyed :(((
 Thank you to my niece PONY GIRL from all that jazz for the recent picture of me & Jesse!

Monday, May 2, 2011


On my last scheduled desert ride my riding buddy...Amos's mom and I were treated to the sight of a lifetime!
We were riding a trail that is NOT ridden by anyone I know because of it's difficulty and it's rapid gain in elevation. the key word here, that is where this majestic guy lives. He is protected in our desert and for years during LAMBING season, signs were posted that led anywhere near his breeding ground saying..."closed for llambing season". Ok...that was not exactly what it said but I could NOT find a picture of one of the signs in my archives...although I know I have many. Several years ago...even though the signs were still posted...the ban was lifted for hikers and riders as long as NO dogs were on the trail. The Big Horn is known to stop breeding when dogs are present...DOGS are the predator in a flight world.
As we came around the corner...Amos's mom stopped and said SHHHHHHH!!!! Her finger to her mouth...her other finger pointing up above us.
This is what Shanna Lady Rose and I saw!!! The pictures are posted in the order I took them...the 1st 2 are on my cell phone, the rest are from my camera!

 How in the world did Amos's mom see this guy...way up there??? He was laying down at the time and I think the noise of our many cameras and cell phones zooming in & out finally caused him to stand...yet not in fear!

This proud beautiful boy stayed within our sight for up to 5 minutes! He was NOT fact acted curious about us. After 13 years of riding in his territory...I am in finally in awe of his royal presence!!!