Saturday, March 31, 2012

Team Pole Bending ???

This past week my desert riding group had it's annual play day. Depending on who is running the play day, it can get extremely technical or extremely fun! This year was extremely fun :)))
 After a less than usual number of competitors we had time for 2 more events and one of them was...Team Pole Bending! Now who has ever heard of that??? got to pick a partner and I was lucky enough to partner up with cowgirl E, the groups usual 1st place eventor! And yes...we won:))) I did have to caution Jesse that this was not a race and that the winner would receive apples and carrots ;)))
Fortunately Jesse and "Hoss" knew each other well so we did not have any huge issues and in fact we WON this very unusual event!
Thanks to cowgirl E and Hoss...we have another Beer Mug trophy to add to our growing collection!
Yee Haw!!!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Sounds like a heck of a good time! Well don't leave us hanging. How in the world does Team Pole Bending work?

    Awesome photo!!


  2. Sounds like "crazy fun times 2" to me! Way to go, Cousin!

  3. Sounds fun! We'll have to try that!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!