Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flying M Ranch 3x3!

What a lucky cowgirl I was this week ( actually 3 weeks ago), riding the trails with 3 buckaroo's at the fabulous Flying M Ranch!!! Because the 3 rides were all at the Flying M Ranch I am combing the 3 rides into one post so you will not be bored seeing the same old scenery!

The Flying M Ranch is a 360 acre privately owned ranch that was... in it's hay day, 18 years ago when I had my first horse George. I was lucky enough to be taken by friends several times to ride there since I did not have a trailer.
In those days the rental stables was very busy, a very large restaurant/lodge was built and there was a grass air strip for small planes to land. There were rustic cabins, camping spots and corrals to spend the weekend with your best equine friend.There were wagon rides for those who did not wish to mount up and BBQ dinners you rode to! The years have not been kind to the Flying M Ranch. It's owners ( a lovely couple) had to sell most of the property to pay taxes but retained riding easements for the whole property. The new owners let things run down and eventually closed the restaurant/lodge down. They still do some BBQ dinners, have some camp sites and allow homesteaders! Some pretty broken down trailers and plywood leantoo's!The old owners still run the rentals and are developing a campground and new trails. They were so hospitable to us that we have decided that we will try and spread the news that the Flying M Ranch is back! My 1st ride of the week was with my Dear Friend. Between the 2 of our schedules since I have been back in the PNW, this was our 1st trailering out ride. Meeting at the stables at 8am we soon have ourselves and the horses loaded and ready to go. Barbie loads just as fast as my horses, we were on the road by half past 8. We had an hours drive to the Flying M Ranch...neither of us had been there in years but we had directions. I was driving as my Dear Friend has been getting her trailer and gear ready to go camping for 5 days. I did remember from my last trip there that there was a very long gravel road at the end of the drive (about 10 miles) up and down narrow hills with logging trucks coming at you from time to time. However as we were driving did not seem quite so bad. By the 3rd time I drove it I felt that I was right at home with it.

Once we arrive we groom saddle and mount up to explore the trails. Our memory of the "old" ranch was so different than what we now found. We soon left the lodge area and headed out to the wilderness area of the ranch. We were in the saddle about 3 hours and found a great spot for lunch.
Today I am riding The King...we take turns leading so Barbie gets trail savvy too!

There are 2 kinds of forest's that we ride in here in the PNW this one is an enchanted forest, the other kind is a forest prim evil...which will be shown next. The horses can sometimes be a bit tense in a forest prime evil but do love the enchanted forests!

Here The King and I have a photo opp in the forest prim evil!!! See the difference between the 2 kinds of forests??? We find the perfect lunch spot for all!
At 1st the horses were tied on the same rail but since Barbie was in heat and acting a tad slutty...the King "dropped" and we thought he was going to mount her right there. We got them moved about the time he was whispering sweet nothings into her ear! This would not have been good lunch time entertainment!!!

Here is my Dear Friend and Barbie in the water...remember the water issue post??? At the end of the day she would go in with out too much of a fuss!
The King loves to ride with Dear Friend cause she is a sucker for ear scratches! We all miss our Dear Friend who is finally home from the hospital after her terrible accident. She has a very long recovery ahead of her...I will post about her progress soon!

My next ride ( 5 days later) was with the Back Doc. He has not ridden since I left for the desert last fall and had never ridden the King, however they made a fine team.
Little lady and I take the lead at 1st...but we also trade, never want them to think they HAVE to lead...or CAN'T lead! The Back Doc named this place "God's Cathedral" , very fitting don't you think???
The Back Doc and the King in an enchanted forest!!!Little Lady and I LOVE "photo opps"!!!
At the end of the ride the King sees the King Ranch and Jesse's Limo and tries to gate towards it!!!
2 days later...yes another trip to the Flying M Ranch...this time with my Sissy, Cowgirljlynn, Dear Friend and a riding group buckaroo!
The King and Cowgirljlynn take their share of being in the lead!
Ye Ol' watering hole!!!
The King/Cowgirljlynn photo opp!!!
Lunch stop...different from the other days!!!
There are great tie rails at several spots for lunch...however Little Lady was waiting for "her" lunch...she knows "Auntie Rose packed for her!!!
After lunch we head back out for another ride...isn't life grand???
3 different ride days, 3 friends, ain't' life grand!!!

Happy Trails,
Your Desert Rose!



  1. Looks like everyone had so much fun!
    Your trails there are beautiful, remind me a lot of what we have here!
    One of those lunches look familiar, I think you bought one from Starbucks for our ride last week! LOL!

  2. Wow, I agree with Doc! Gods Cathedral is fitting! We'll have to ride their sometime! Looks like it was a great ride. You are right, you are very blessed to have so many riding friends.

  3. The trails are just beautiful. That ranch sounds great -- hopefully it can come back to its former glory....I'm a bit confused -- the pictures of friend you are with on the first day is the friend I thought had the accident with the horse (???).

  4. That was a fun ride and I enjoyed it alot!

  5. In that one picture, Little Lady looks pissed that she was made to wear The King's halter. lol! She wants to know where her special halter

    Lucky you getting to do all those awesome rides in such beautiful places on that old ranch and it's trails.
    The pictures of your Dear Friend make me a little sad, though. Please update when you can. I hope she isn't dealing with too much pain and can heal soon.


  6. What an amazing place!!! Life sure is grand :-)! How nice that you have so many people to go on rides with.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!