Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kissing Cousin Love!!!

These cousins could just not get enough of each other!!!

However, Saddle Mountain Rider looks a bit "spooked" that Dusty Devoe is really getting in to this hug and that is saying a lot for the cousin who always wants to spoon the cousin she's sleeping around with!!!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Saddle Mountain Rider does look a little spooked by Dusty Devoe! But we know they really love eachother!
    You just had to put that zucchini bread right there didn't you? That was amazing!! Loved it! Now I am hungry!!

  2. I'll pass on the bread, but where's the cowgirl lemonade?

  3. That Dusty Devoe...always hugging and a kissin on everyone...

  4. Oh come on now DR, I just looked over at the 975 cents in your cuss jar and you have a LOT more than that in there! Like your new look with the roses and all! Dusty D can't wait to see how you get even with DR on that last pic and comment! Lets see the good ones of cusy DR!!

  5. I think Saddle Mountain Rider is not spooked, just distracted by that tasty looking bread that suddenly appeared on the table in front of them! It sure got my attention....You are making me hungry.!!

  6. You are so going to pay for this!

  7. ROFLMBO! You guys are all such crack-ups. :D



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