Sunday, August 23, 2009

Neigh Horsey...NEIGH!

When the Pony Cousin's were growing up they got to spend lots of time together. There were 10 siblings (our parents) in this crazy, practical joking family and boy did they love to play games! They tried to include their children as much as possible and we loved to play with them.

One of the games our family played was called "Grunt Piggy...GRUNT"! One person was blindfolded while the others would circle around them. Them the blindfolded person would point and say..."grunt piggy...grunt!" The person being pointed at had to grunt like a pig and the blindfolded person would have to guess who it was! Of course you would disguise your grunt so the blindfolded person could not guess who you were.

This year we revised the game to "Neigh Horsey...NEIGH!!! Here are some fun shot's of us playing around the campfire!!!
We started the game with last year's Rodeo Queen!!! Notice some players doubled over with laughter!!!

We had so much fun that "Neigh Horsey...NEIGH" will be surely be back with the Pony Cousin's next year!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. We had alot of fun playing such a simple game!

  2. Hee hee! Paint Girl will love that picture. It was a fun game!! Especially hearing everyone's neighs and snorts, LOL!

  3. We sure did have a lot of fun didn't we! We acted like a bunch of little girls!

  4. Very funny game! We laughed so hard!!
    Not sure what that look on my face was in that first picture though! Is that dirt all over my face? Lovely!

  5. You guys just tease the rest of us crazy..cuz were not part of those fun Pony Cousins....darn, I had non horse family.. :( You had sooooo much fun !

  6. Too funny!!! Sounds like the perfect game!

  7. Haha, that is hysterical. I'm sure even funnier in person.

  8. So, how does that work? Everyone neighs and the blindfolded person has to guess whose horse it is? Looks like you all had a ball playing it!
    Thanks for always visting Bunny Sunday. To answer your question, bunnies are pretty easy to litter box train...give them a box lined with newspaper and filled with hay and they will eat from one end and do their business at the other, sometimes at the same time!

  9. lol! You girls sure know how to have fun!



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!