Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cowboy Bling!!! all know that I am a cowgirl that loves BLING!!! loving husband is a "Reluctant Cowboy" to say the least! On one of my recent cowgirl shopping trips, I picked up this wonderful bolero for my loving husband to wear at those cowgirl events he reluctantly goes to with me!!! Yes... I am being sneaky at putting together his "outfit" for the "Cowgirl Ball"! We are the defending champions for best dressed couple...I was best dressed cowgirl 3 years running and then they changed the category's to best dressed couple!!! That means I need someones corporation to win the BIG RIBBON!!! I will keep working on HIS wardrobe!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Now, if only you could get him to wear a Cowboy hat, and boots, and chinks, and spurs...

  2. I think he would look good in whatever you dressed him in!!!

  3. He'll look great in it! Better takes pics to share with us, of the handsome couple!


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!