Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Seahorse Sickness"!!!

This Cowgirl has a very bad ailment!

I call it "Seahorse Sickness"!!!
It is...getting seasick...only I am on a horse!!! Yes, I get carsick too, but water motion (boats) is the worst! Small planes and helicopters 2nd and riding horses 3rd. I can not lounge a horse on a lead line nor can I ride in the arena too long round and round and ROUND!!!

There are many options out there in the market place to combat this ailment of mine including but not limited to the following!
Seabands!!! The way this works is by acupressure...the white dot presses on a spot on your wrist that is suppose to suppress the motion sickness!
They come in several, grey, and white!!! White gets ssoooooo dirty when riding but is my favorite color! The red set is a plastic brand very similar to the other kind. This actually helps !
This is the best brand of motion sickness pills! They do not make you drowsy as some of the other brands!
This is a "Seahorse Sickness" patch...however after I wear one of these...I have to take BONINE because I have with drawls from the patch!!!This little devise sends shock waves to your wrist...yes it CAN hurt if the pulse setting is too high!!!
I never ride a horse without taking a BONINE and if the trail has lots of switchbacks or drop offs...I will wear the bands!!!
However...this Cowgirl will ride until she BARFS...and has!!!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. I'm glad there is something out there that can help you enjoy your rides! :) I remember on our PS night ride, you having to focus on my white helmet in the dark to keep from getting too motion sick!

  2. Now that's what you call cowgirl the fu***ng up! You go girl!

  3. I just got done loping in our small round pen with Glory and had the same issue (just a little though). I look on the ground in front of the horse....I know you're not supposed to look down but I have to. It does sort of sound like vertigo if extreme. When lunging her, I pick a muscle group to watch and NEVER take my eyes off of them until she stops or I watch her feet since she's been lame. How was your Makena trail ride? I do remember passing by that place on Maui...I had forgotten about it there.....we were stupid and drove ALL the way around the island like someone else we knew said to do (fantastic? yeah right!) Jeep was hot and roads rough in spots!! A wasted day in my book! One tiny trickle of a waterfall! LOL!

  4. We have something in common -- I suffer from motion sickness, too. Elevators are unbearable..but by far the worst is boats! I tried those wrist bands on a boat ride one time, but I think I had them on wrong. I spent 99% of the ride hanging my head over the side of the boat. Thankfully I do not get sick on my horse. I like your arsenal of tools to fight the vertigo -- I'll check some of them out for myself.....


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!