Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hawaiian Cowgirl!!

All week I was studying the 8 brochures for the horseback rides on Maui trying to decide which ride would give me the kind of ride I wanted. I wanted a new experience and of course it needed to be challenging which I would not get unless it was a private ride. 2 of the rides were down into the crater of Haleakala...the doormat volcano on Maui...but they were overnight rides. 4 of the rides would take me about a hour and a half to get there...and of course the drive back! One brochure was for the ranch that I rode at 2x the last time I was on Maui...and although it was a nice place to ride...been there done that! And that is where my cinch loosened up and the saddle slipped while loping. I figured out what was happening just in time to get my horse stopped and then the saddle just rolled and dumped me on the ground. I had kicked my feet our of the stirrups anyway to dismount...I just went out faster than I had planned. I wasn't really hurt, just knocked the wind out of me and I was a bit stiff for a few days. Ever since that I ALWAYS check my cinch when others saddle the horse!!! That left one brochure that seemed to meet my needs and was only 15 minutes away form where we were staying!

The road I had to drive to get there was the only thing right smack in the middle of this lava field! Must have taken them along tine to clear some of it so that they could pave over it.
Truck and trailer back from a roping session last night! The owner and head wrangler both rope!

I sat in the shade on the porch drinking my morning coffee filling out the paper work and signing all my rights it should be.

Several paddocks of extremely nice looking horses surrounded me. I just love to see a rental stable with fat and sassy horses!!!

These next picture I took for PAINT GIRL...enjoy!!!!

Cute stable puppy!!!

Cute stables goat!!! ( Who by the way was born wild on the island!)

Now for the fun part!!! I had called the stable to get prices for rides including a private ride...but ti turned out to be too rich for even my blood!!! So I decided to "unfuckthecowgirlup" (25 cents in the cuss jar!) and ride with the "tourists"!

Here's the guide Christine on Baily!!! She was one of the most knowledgeable guides I ever ridden with and I was right behind her so I could hear every word....because

I was the only one to book the ride for the day and got my private ride for the single $$! Yippeekieyaeh!!!

And because of my riding experience I was put on a 17 year old mare named "Miss Makena" that reminded me sooooo much of Little Lady in looks and manner!!! I felt right at home! Miss Makena is half Arab half Quarter horse bred and born at Makena Stables! This was before the "Quarab" name was coined.

My view was just like on the mainland!

Our trail started out winding through a bare but very neat little forrest where a old Hawaiian village used to be! There were still lava rock walls that they had built.

This was a wind break built by hippies in the 60's!
And...just like Little Lady she says...wha wha what was that???'s just the wild goats that live here in the forest!

I took so many pictures of the goats, the baby's were so cute...but can't tell the lava rocks from the goats in all but 2!

Here is the real reason I wanted to ride at Makena Stables!

The "OCEAN"!!! I have never ridden in or near the OCEAN! 1st...I have "Seahorse Sickness" so the tide coming in and out...and in and out, makes me dizzy even when I am not on a horse! 2nd I have not had the opportunity to ride at the beach except on rentals...and they do not take you into the ocean!!!

I asked Christine if Miss Makena would go into the water...she said YES! However...Miss Makena did not want to do this for me so we had to work on it a bit before she would do it! (Again I felt I was on Little Lady!!!)

Miss Makena listened to me just like Little Lady does and WA LA...a photo opp!
Miss Makena and The Desert Rose LOVE photo opps!!!
Is this view to DIE for???
I love the white rocks next to the black lava rock!!!

Heading away from the ocean now!

If I have to ride thru do you!!!
Wild basil!!! I asked if I could eat some...Christine said yes but it would numb my tongue and be a bit was and I ate more later on cause it was so "tasty"!!!
We're almost thru the lava!!!
We tie the horses and climb up to the top of a hill to eat our trail snack!
What a view!!!
Photo opp time for The Desert Rose and Miss Makena!!!

After the photo opp were do some loping and trotting...was so fun!!!

This guy was so happy to see me come back...for this!!!

I had a terrific guide and ride while in Maui...may have to go back soon!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. You can come visit my hometown and I will take you to ride on the beach. Through the water and over the dunes. It will be fantastic! Growing up, we used to trail ride from my trainer's place to the beach. I know, I was kinda spoiled. One of the funnest things to do is charge a flock of seagulls while they are on the ground; they all fly up and over you at once! Of course, you need a fairly bomb-proof horse for that one. Running through the ocean water is pretty great too, but you have to give your tack a good cleaning afterwards!

  2. What a fabulous opportunity! The photos were awesome! Miss Makena looked quite 'saucy'. Quite an exciting fun ride for you, I imagine. hehe!

    So did the horses need special shoes to walk over that lava? I've read that it can even shred horse hooves, it's rough stuff. I've hiked on lava here in New Mexico and will eat boots!

    Question about that goat-love photo, though. What the heck was that huge chunk o black stuff behind him? gah! Maybe I don't even want to know.


  3. Oh my goodness! Looks like a fabulous ride! The views were awesome! Your Miss Makena is gorgeous! She reminds me a lot of your LL. That is neat that you got to get your private ride anyways!
    Thanks for the beautiful Paint picture!! Gorgeous!! Love the goats, of course!

  4. Wow, what views! And on horseback, what could be better? This cowgirl is just a wee bit jealous... ;)

  5. Great review and beautiful pictures. I want my husband to take me to Maui. I will make a note to remember this stable. Looks like a must-do activity.

  6. This could seriously tempt me into doing some horseback riding! It looks like an amazing ride. Was it one of your most favorite?

  7. Awwwww, now that is one beautiful ride girl. Miss M. definately looked like she was used to "posing" in that one picture! Ha! She looked like she enjoyed the photo opps as much as DR.!
    So glad you had such a nice time...And I love that you rode in the ocean! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Everything you did looked fun! Oh to ride a cute little horse like that on the beaches in Hawaii..what a great time, lucky you!

  9. WOW! What an incredible opportunity! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  10. lucky cowgirl!!! What a ride, what a view! Just gorgeous and the horse you rode is a beauty also. thanks for sharing your wonderful time!

  11. Yes, it is so nice when riding stable horses are actually looking ALIVE and WELL! Beautiful scenery....thanks for sharing paradise!

  12. WOW!!!!! I am so happy for you and envious of you at the same time!!! We did ride in the ocean one time in Mexico -- it was so cool. The horses went out deep enough that they actually swam....
    But Hawaii!! Now that would be the ultimate horseback happy for you to have a chance to experience it!

  13. I really like the look of your new blog!!!You and Sares did a great job!!!

  14. Beautiful! Riding on the beach in Hawaii...does it get much better than that????


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