Saturday, November 13, 2010


No longer do we have an empty nest... 3 yr. old Lucy Lu has captured our hearts amazingly quick! Adopted from our desert area animal shelter less than 2 weeks ago...Lucy has settled into the household routine including our crazy sleep issues like a trooper.
Look at the gorgeous gold of her feet and belly.
The perfect stripes on her body and head! I think she may have a touch of exotic blood line going on... her nose is almost cougar like.
She tries to herd us to the bed...but wants us BOTH to be there! She has begun to sleep in my arms some of the night now...she has the softest coat I have ever felt and purrs as I stroke her. Miss Lucy Lu is a real sweetheart and we are so lucky to have found her!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Oh my goodness, Lucy Lu is beautiful! She doesn't even begin to know how lucky she is to be taken into your loving home!!

  2. What a sweetie and you were smart to get a cat that is a little older, the kittens can be playful little minxes at night and quite hyper as my sister has learned! Enjoy your new baby!

  3. She is beautiful!! She will be spoiled rotten in your household!

  4. Oh she is so cute, love the markings!! Lucy Lu, what a cute name. I am glad you adopted her, she doesn't know what she got herself into, she's going to be the most spoiled kitty EVER! ;-)


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!