Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Pain in the Ass Rain!

My last ride before heading to the PNW for the Thanksgiving holiday was...at the very least, unexpected! Hello...the reason I became a "snowbird" was to...get away from the snow and RAIN! However there were 2 very good things about the ride...ok 4.

1. It was the 1st ride that I have had with the "GHOST RIDER" in a few years...boy did we get into trouble in the past...maybe that is why she stopped riding with me??? NO...medical reasons, not me & the trouble!

2. Cowgirl was with us...The Ghost Rider is her mom and I have sure missed her beautiful, smiling, yellow lab face!

3. The Ghost Rider has a new horse...a Peruvian Paso Fino and he and Lady were absolutely perfect on this very windy & wet ride!
Little Shanna Lady Rose is wet and shivering before our ride. Her eyes seem to be saying...MOM, did you forget that you melt in the rain??? Or was it MOM did you forget that I may melt down in the rain???
And just look at that saddle!!! Do you think I am gonna put my dainty little ass in that wet thing???
Well...yup I did and we rode the Fern Canyon/Vandeventer/Palm Cayon trail, over 3 hours of drizzle and on every corner heading Northwest the wind just about blew us off our horses!!! We voted it the 3rd windiest ride we had had together!!!
I have yet to mention the 4th reason the ride was so good...
Yup...we almost won the pot of gold lottery!
When we finally got back to the trailer our little butts were colder than a witches tit...it felt like we had peed in our pants! We wisely decided to eat our lunch back at the stable in the comfort of my dry tack room.
Your Desert Rose!


  1. BRR!!! I used to ride in the rain. Only in the summer though.

  2. You are HARD CORE Desert Rose! Not sure I would have cowgirled up for that rainy/windy ride.

  3. Hi, it's PONY GIRL I'm logged into Paint Girl's account 'cuz I did a blog post for her. I love the picture of the rainbow!! I can't believe you had to ride in the rain. Sorry I'll miss your visit over Thanksgiving weekend. ;(

  4. Glad you had such a good ride with your old friend!

  5. You certainly cowgirl'd up. I'd of kept my tiny hiney home, I DO melt in the rain!

  6. Riding in the rain is such a pain! But I'm glad you didn't let a
    Ittle water stop you. Sometimes those rainy rides turn out just right.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!