Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh Santa Baby!

You know...I always love seeing a well dressed cowboy cleaned up after a long hard day on the trail. So imagine my surprise to run into this guy at NFR COWBOY CHRISTMAS!
I would have thought that he was to busy to travel before Christmas...let alone be gone for 10 days to the NFR held in Las Vegas. However...Cowboy Santa surely must know,
 "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"
Even with that in mind...I knew that I just needed to reassure Cowboy Santa a teeny weeny bit... that I was a good Cowgirl the rest of the year!
Think I over did it??? Oh Santa Baby!!!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. He figured out all on his own that you are naughty, right???
    GREAT pics!

  2. hahah thats too funny! Could he ride?

  3. Bet Santa was a happy little fello with you sitting on his lap...

  4. Poor Santa having to deal with a naughty cowgirl on his lap? Must have been torture for him!

  5. Oh! I don't think Cowboy Santa minded one bit.

    I'm envious of Cowboy Santa's beard, though. It's prettier, more glossy and curly than my own hair. I wonder if Cowboy Santa has any haircare tips....hmmm.



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!