Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cowboy Shopping!

The National Finals Rodeo was again...perfect! The shopping has always been the real reason for my trip...let's face it, I could watch the NFR on ESPN. This year however I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new shopping experience was available for those Cowgirls needing an upgrade from their current model. The  cleaver merchandising of this product showcases all of the products best features and allows views from all possible angles.
The product was willing to position himself for a closer inspection for any flaws!
And the product was even willing to demonstrate some of his more popular features!
You'll just have to guess what that feature was!

I do have one complaint about the merchandising technique...it does not allow for a "HANDS ON" inspection. This is one product that I recommend a "HANDS ON" experience before taking the product home as your new upgrade!
I am totally satisfied with my current model and have no plans to upgrade...but it never hurts to window shop!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. I'm thinking the NFR would be a blast. When else is a girl going to go to Las Vegas and be surrounded by horse people????

  2. Yep, gonna have to add one of those to my Christmas list to Santa! haha!
    Hope you had a blast (looks like you were from the pictures!)

    ps LOVE your blog! =)

  3. Too fun! It's a good thing your husband doesn't read your blog! I wonder if they give that cowboy bathroom breaks? I hope he was well compensated for getting ogled by all the pretty cowgirls. But then maybe that's payment enough.

  4. Looks like that feature is his knees. lol!
    Or maybe it's that lariat? Now that could be interesting.
    Sounds like a crazy fun time.


  5. Wow, must of been something pretty nice to get that big smile on your face!!

  6. Oh, that is GREAT! You must have had a blast. The shopping there is definitely awesome. I need to get back there one of these years soon.


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