Thursday, June 18, 2009


By the time this will be posted we will have been back in the PNW for about 3 weeks. Both cars will have arrived fully loaded, which of course will have to all be unloaded and put away. This usually takes me longer than 3 weeks because...I take too much stuff back and forth every 6 months. The horses will have been delivered to the stables and already getting used to all the "GREEN" around them. I will pretty much have my summer schedule in place which will include overnight visits with the boys and days were I have the baby at a time. I will have 2 ride days a week for sure and maybe a 3rd from time to time!
So you would think that I should be all set...but transition is hard... even when it is from my desert home to my PNW home, there is still adjustment physically and emotionally to work through. I miss the easy schedule of the desert...but here is my PNW COWGIRL HAVEN!!

This is my "Cowgirl Great Room"!!!

Here is our brown hounds tooth sofa, zebra rug and throw, and Faux croc leather studded tables that can be moved individually!
I just spent 1/2 hour de-spotting the juice and colored markers!!

Bulls eye ( Bottom) and Buck Shot (Above) are patiently waiting to buck off their riders!!!

And IF...this Cowgirl cooked...I would do it here!!!

And here!
Self cleaning double ovens...LOL if this cowgirl cooked! ( A certain Pony Cousin recently made a snide comment about my kitchen and the fact that I DON'T COOK)

And IF this Cowgirl family would EAT here!!!

No need to do the got it, I DON'T COOK!!!

"King Ranch" bar stools where I like to check e-mail and blog!

Whet your whistle here at the bar!

Grandchildren book corner!

Here are some of my favorite things!!! (No, I won't make you sing again!)

And my most precious thing in my Cowgirl great room... a portrait of Major Bonanza,"George" who graced my life for 9 years!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. But if you did cook, it's a great kitchen! I only cook when I really want to, which isn't often. It's great now that the kid is gone!

  2. You have a great place!!! And the best of both worlds -- desert and greenery! I am sure it is an adjustment, but that sounds like a good problem to have! And I COOK!! I would LOVE to be in that beautiful kitchen whipping something up and have a lot of folks sitting around that great booth table eating, drinking, talking and laughing!! But could we get someone else to do the dishes??

  3. Hay Auntie! Your house looks quite spiffy to me! I love all the redecorating/remodeling you did. I remember you being a rather GOOD cook back in the day when you did grace the kitchen. You and your Sisters have all turned into non cooking ladies of leisure. Such a shame too because when you do cook, YUM! Just like Nana! Thanks for stopping by on my Birthday and I hope you have a great weekend ride with Mom and her KING!

  4. Yay! You're back! I have a solution to the kitchen thing. You can hire me to be your personal chef during the summers (when its 100 down here) and your GORGEOUS kitchen will be put to good use!

  5. I've missed you! Thanks for the photo tour, I haven't been there in so long, it was nice to see the western updates! I loved the framed kid's art. I love it all, actually! ;)

  6. Your house looks great! Love all the redecorating! I haven't been there in a long time.
    I would cook, if I had a kitchen like that! I have always loved your kitchen!
    Sounds like you have a full, busy summer coming up!

  7. My favorite is the picture of George too, cause I know how much you loved him!

  8. P.S. See you sat. Can't wait to get back on King!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!