Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another one Bites the Dust!!!

This past weekend my Loving Husband and I attended the wedding of The Cowpoke aka Cowboy H to The Evil Long Legged Cowgirl aka.Mama H in a small town near San Louis Obispo CA. It was a wonderful loving event and right up this Cowgirls alley! The reception was held in an old recovered barn that has been fixed up fancy for doing's such as these. I promised The Evil Long Legged Cowgirl aka Mama H & now aka Mrs. Cowpoke that I would not post any pictures of the wedding until SHE did.

Mrs. Cowpoke finally ropes her man!!!

However...that promise will only hold me back for so long because I am chomping at the bit to post about this breath taking experience I had seeing the 2 of them so happy!

So instead...I will post this picture of The Cowpoke and me at our favorite photo opp place in the desert!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Oh AJ how I love you! And I absolutely love that pic of you and Cowboy H!

  2. Yes, I also can't wait to hear the details. I have been occasionally glancing at Mama H's blog and saw some of the wedding pictures. WOW! I must say, Cowboy H really knows how to clean up, surprise!! And, Mama H made a stunning bride, but having met her once, no surprises there.:) She was beautiful in jeans and no make up, a feat not many of us Stiltner cousins can pull off! The wedding celebration looked like so much fun ~ congrats to the bride and groom.

  3. I hopped on over to see Mama H. I had forgotten until you mentioned her on your post today. By the way, WHERE have you been? Have you gone into hiding? Are you incommunicado? On the Lamb? Gotten lost? Computer broke down? You better come up with an excuse and stick to it. We've missed you around here in blog land. You're turning into Mom, ssh, don't tell her I said that. Have a good night and I hope you get your pics of the wedding posted soon!

  4. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures too! I'm glad everything turned out beautiful. They are a handsome couple!!! Can't wait to see the grandchildren. HeeHee

  5. Those were great pictures.. whoo hoo! Love the roped her man one!

  6. Weddings! Fun! What a silly wrangling of the cowpoke! lol!

    Great photos!


  7. Sounds like a great wedding! Love the picture of you and The Cowpoke!


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