Friday, June 19, 2009


This year is the 1st that I have not brought my dear boy "Jesse" home with me to the PNW for the summer. He stayed in the desert with the Bossman to be near the Shoesalesman because of his owey toes! However the Bossman sent his precious Little Lady with me and my good friend the Ghost Rider sent her beloved King with me also. I have had such great fun riding with some of my PONY COUSINS, Sissy Cowgirljlyn and cousin Bronco Betsy. The King has been such a gentleman with them...they have both fallen in love with him. The King is used to this kind of behavior from women!!!

This summer my posts will include them and our adventures together on our Happy Trails!
The King's new turn out paddock which is in the gelding pasture.
He is happy to see Auntie Rose!!!
The King introduces me to his new pasture buddy!
Hay...Auntie Rose came to see me not you!!! Ha Ha...she's taking ME out not YOU!!! The King gets to graze on the sweet clover 1st.
The King gets some play time in the arena!

Whoo Hoo!!!
Just running circles around Auntie Rose!!!

And down for the roll!
How's this for a 25 year young Missouri Fox Trotter!!!

The Desert Rose on Little Lady and Cowgirljlyn on The King!
The Desert Rose on Little Lady and Bronco Betsy on The King!

The King takes his Auntie Desert Rose for a great ride!

The King is not looking to grateful for his after ride hose down...but sure did enjoy the treats waiting for him in his stall feed bin!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Man!! I LOVE those pictures you got of King running and playing in the arena!!! I am SOOO stealing these! LOLO I think he is just beautiful....

  2. He is a handsome King isn't he! This is cowgirljlynn on Sares blog! Am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow!

  3. Awww! Love to see King running and rolling! What a good boy!
    I see Cowgirl J Lynn and Bronco Betsy had great rides on King!

  4. He looks great for an older gentleman! He is a handsome horse. I am glad he is getting used and enjoyed by some lovely cowgirls!

  5. The King sure is lucky, and quite handsome. Looks like fun!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!