Tuesday, June 23, 2009

THE PCT segment 2

A good Cowgirl will always warn her posse of a long trail ahead so let me suggest you get the "beverage of your choice" and a comfy chair before you read this post...I had 180 pictures to sort through to tell this PCT ride segment! This was a about 3 months ago...I am way behind because of posting issues that are finally fixed!

Now that the cat is out of the bag that the Desert Rose has become addicted to the PCT I hope you will all join us for our ride segments from time to time. I am excited to say that The Bossman and I were able to get in our 2nd PCT segment ride in before I left the desert at the end of our season. Most of our desert season, the PCT is not ridable. Way too much snow and the road getting up to the PCT is not one of my favorites anyway...actually, I hate the highway that goes up to it!!! It is a true mountain pass road that follows a snake like path and makes me dizzy!
One week after we rode our 1st segment The Bossman and I were ready to get back on the PCT! We knew there was another trail head right across the highway form our 1st segment and we just couldn't wait to explore it! Of course... this meant that The Desert Rose would have to get up at 5am...again to get the stables by 7:15 with Starbucks for The Bossman and me and lunch!!! I do preload the hay bags with fresh grass and FROSTED SHREDDED WHEAT'S the day before!!! OK...so what if The Bossman has to hook up the trailer and groom and saddle 2 horses, I am working it for ALL I can get!!!

Arriving at the stables with Starbucks and lunch... I then have to pack the saddle bags with lunch for the equines ( they both have come to know that after we have lunch they get lunch, apples, carrots, frosted shredded wheat and oat cookies)! Not to count that if there is not water on the trail for them...I pack water for them!!! Enough so that they can each have 2 bottles before we eat...and 2 bottles after we eat. Just enough to give them a big slurp, and boy do they appreciate it. I know they can go most of the day if it is not to hot...but they are sooooo grateful for what I give them!!! And of course their lunch! Ok it is not a BLT ...but to them it is! They wait sooooo patiently for us to finish and then they start to get excited!!!

The saddle bags also have emergency gear in them. Astronaut blankets, water proof matches, whistle, rain gear, I could go on and on but will save it for another post! It does take me about 1/2 hour to get my gear together. Then of course my last real POTTY STOP before we leave!!!
Jesse is asleep as usual! Little Lady tries...but can't! Mare hot flashes???

Here we go... so this time Jesse and I start out on the trail. Because it is a very cool morning he is feeling good now and is hot to trot!
Yes...The Desert Rose and Jesse do know how to be in the lead and he is soooo happy he is gating!!!Yes we do know how to lead...butttttt where is Little Lady's butt??? Alright...Jesse does not set as fast as pace as Little Lady...which is why she usually leads!!!Now that the pecking order is reestablished we are on our way!

The weather looks a bit ominous but maybe we will get lucky!!! Are you still ready to ride with us??? Ya it is cold out...The Bossman says maybe in the low 50's??? He's full of horseshit!!! I am a PNW girl, I know the 40's when I feel it!

This side of the "Crest" is so different from the other side! Not as many rock formations and not as much climbing...more gradual!

The next 3 pictures show the vegetation along the trail.
This is the first hint of a hill or valley we have seen!
The view from the top side...and the lower side!
Wow...back on the top side and we can see Little Lady and the Bossman again...well Little Lady was most important to Jesse...The Desert Rose was relieved to see the Bossman!!! Aren 't we mammals...funny???
See the trail wandering up behind us the green hillside???

Again finally...Little Lady's butt!!!

Oh...a switch back...I can see Little Lady again!

Hay...is it just us...or are those sky's looking suspicious???

Oh Horse Shit...another Mimosa break??? I am soooo glad Jesse is a good boy cause I can mount drunk.... and he Will stand still! Yes... I have to say that Jesse will always respond to my commands...even with too much mimosa...(Jesse not me)... Jesse KNOWS and understands that he still must be safe for The Desert Rose...even though he may test her from time to time!!!

Little Lady...what did I tell you about MOM'S chinks??? Don't slobber on them!!!
Boy are you gonna get some slobber training for this summer with MOM!!!! Those are DEER hide chinks!!!!!!!
OMG!!!!!!! Jesse...what do you see????


YES...but what kind of SNAKE do you see???

Mom....he must be a good guy cause you are going to get close enough to film him!!! We now think that he was a Rosey Boa???

Time for a photo opp...

Jesse is acting like he has been drinking all those MIMOSAS!!!

Now we come upon a water shed...this is where water is left for the PCT hikers when there is not drinkable water on the trail!

Sorry that I turned the camera...but Jesse sure knows that there is water in there and refuses to leave the water shed!

As I look around I realize that the bottom containers have holes in them and decide that it will be ok to let Jesse and Little Lady have water from them...using the little red waterer that I carry for them. Sorry no pictures of this, it is a 2 handed job as they push down hard with their muzzle to get every drop!

We decide to turn around and go back the same way...yes I am a loop girl, but we do not have a choice today and we are getting hungry. It is an hour ride back to the lunch spot we picked out for ourselves!Sure enough we see our "spot" ahead in the distance!

Close up of the lunch spot!

Ah yes...someone else wants their lunch even though they know that they will get it after we eat!

Great table!!! Kicking back with the view!!!

Back in the saddle after we all had a great lunch!

As we rounded the bend we ran into an PCT hiker...you know one of those wild and crazy guys that hikes from Mexico to Canada??? Only this guy was stopping in one more day, he only had 3 weeks to hike! Last week it snowed up here, wonder what he did???

Just me and my shadow on the PCT!

An hour and 1/2 later as we round a bend the weather looks like it is changing on us AGAIN!

We make it back to the trailer (in the distance) just in time.

So even though we got very chilled at the end and almost blown away...it was a terrific ride!

So glad you rode along with us, I will not be posting for a few days as I am heading down to the desert to see Jesse for 5 days. I have a segment of the PCT planned for one of our rides...and other fun trails!

See ya'll on the Happy Trails!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Auntie! Must you scare the boogers out of me, with that darn snake video? You know I am terrified of them! I am just glad it wasn't a rattler!
    Your ride looked amazing! We went on an awesome ride tonight, my OH loped for the first time ever!! It was so much fun, and guess what we took with us? Lemonade! Must have been the liquid courage to get the OH to lope a horse for the first time!

  2. So....tell your OH that "Cowgirl Courage" will help his boobs get bigger! LOL I wanna see the look onhis face...but good for him to lope! Cousin Bronco Betsy also loped on the trail...and she liked it too!!!

  3. What a wonderful ride. We have trails around our lake, but I think I would have to walk Poco through them first. I am starting to realize that as blustery as he is, he's just a big scaredy baby. Jaz might do okay, but he can be just as goofy as most of them are capable of being!

  4. I want to come out and go riding with you guys! You are so blessed to have the PCT right there close by!! Amazing scenery -- and it looks like you guys do it right; wine glasses, white linens.....Can you adopt me????

  5. Ahhh, I really hope Cowboy H and I get to ride with you again soon. Can we arrange a meeting to discuss the scheduling of new grandbabies in the future? That way, you know, we won't have to cancel any more rides due to unexpected deliveries??? That would be great; thanks.

  6. You call those hills? Beautiful! Liked the table top with the fine china! LOL! Could do without the snake though! Have fun with Jesse! My mare is lame again.....not sure what she did this time? Hope I get to ride sometime this summer!! LOL! Our black and white paint mare comes home from the trainer on the 10th. I've been riding her there and we cantered last time....she's coming along. Luanne

  7. Loved all the photos, your voice on the video, seeing Jessie, and traveling along with you guys on the PCT. What fun! I can't believe your bring REAL glassware on your horse rides. lol!
    Those water tanks are very cool!


  8. I Honest Scrap Award for you if you want to participate. I had not done it before.

  9. What a great ride, looks like fun!
    You have an award...come visit my spotted awesomeness to pick it up.

  10. What a great ride, you got some awesome pictures! You are our trail riding idol, you know!
    And I love that you take mimosa breaks! You are so lucky to have such a great riding partner!!
    p.s. I'm glad that snake was not a rattler!

  11. That was a great post! Loved the audios. And poor Lil Lady and her hot flashes keeping her from sleeping. I feel her pain!

  12. If you ever ride Northern Calif. part of trail.

    Think of us at the St. Bernard Lodge. We have rooms and boarding for horses.



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Jesse and his Desert Rose!