Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh What a Night! (part 1)

Dear Readers,
In honor of the one year anniversary if our "unscheduled overnight on the PCT" I will be re posting the story one segment each day for the next week. If you read about our adventure last year...please feel free to skip it. If you have NOT heard our story might want to take notes...cause we never thought it could happen to us either ;)

The day of the "BIG" ride was here, I drove to Pick up Bronco Betsy and we left her place at 6:45 am. We need to pick up Starbucks for 4 and lunch for 3, then get our saddle bags& bridles loaded in the truck ready to leave the stables at 7:30 am. On the way to run our errands Bronco informs me that she almost called in sick for our ride today! Apparently she was not feeling to good but her Hubby told her she should "cowgirlthefuckup" ( his Quarter...not mine!) and go! I verified several times with her about going, telling her it would be a long day in the saddle and was she sure that she was up to it??? She said that she wanted to go and maybe would just not partake in the Mimosa's before the ride...guess she was not up to a little hair of the dog!!!

Of course the Bossman had everything ready when we arrived, I had shown Bronco where everything was to pack her horn bags on our 1st ride. I hurriedly packed lunch for the horses, grabbed my 2 red emergency bags to go into the big brown bags, as much water as I could get into the saddle bags, the easy boot, and the horse waterier. At the last minute I grabbed an extra flease jacket for Bronco...We sometimes get wind unexpectedly and I was not sure her jean jacket was warm enough.
Once we arrive to The Pacific Crest Trail head and unload the horses everyone gets busy getting saddle bags fastened on and loaded...some are tending bar...others... are getting a "cowboy" to do their job for them!This is "Big Foot" our friend that drives us up to the high desert and drops us off for our long rides back to the Indian Canyon! ( By the way...doesn't he look handsome in his new NFR Xmas vest from the Bossman and The Desert Rose) He is NOT riding with us and yet...he is tying on saddle bags??? Oh ya...I forgot "Princess Bronco Betsy" is along for the ride and somehow she manages to get help from every cowboy around!!! I don't seem to remember Big Foot tying on my saddle bags!!!
Ready to ride @ 9:30 am! took this picture for Bronco's scrap album!
Notice we have 8 miles to ride to reach our lunch stop!!! Since you have all been on this ride with me before...I am only going to post some highlights for you! Of course, I know you all want to see "Penis Rock" again!
The PC Trail in this area is taken care really well as you can see here!
We ended up deciding this was a nest...for "bigfuckingbird!" (25 cents in the cuss jar!)
Out in the middle of nowhere you can look up and see this! I don't look up very sorta ruins it sometimes!
On this pit stop we were in a triangle stance with Lady's butt towards Slick's noise..when Lady had to pee! All of a sudden I got a whiff of "mare pee" that burned my nostrils. I 'm sure I said something delicate like sheeze Lady that stinks! The Bossman laughed and said that Slick thinks so too.
Once a STALLION...always a STALLION!!!
Pacific Crest Trail Shadow!Guess you can figure this out on your own!
Amazing!Yup..."BIGFUCKINGPINECONE!" ( 25 cents in the cuss jar!)
Now we come to a fun part. I told The Bossman before the ride that when Bronco went over the spot on the trail that was so scary many experienced riders dismounted and walked their horse over I was going to yell "Yippee... way to "cowgirlthefuckup!" And then tell her why I said that. Here she goes...she had no idea that this was coming up and did it just like a pro!
Sure...I took these pictures as Lady and I went over it. There's not much you can do here with 2 hands that you can't do with one if you're on a good horse! Hay, if you think this was should do it going back the other way. Now that is "FUCKINGSCARY!" (25 cents in the cuss jar!") I have only done it once but I have to say I am not sure that I would do it again. The Desert Rose may dismount next time!!! I told Bronco that she had just done the hardest part of the trail and that the rest was going to be a piece of cake! I really did tell her that...I can't believe how huge of a lie that turned out to be!
Heading down to our lunch stop!

There are 2 large beautiful Oak systems down here...hence it's name Hidden Oak Springs.
Everyone gets a big drink of water before and after lunch!!!
Horses are tied!
Lunch is served 11:30am!
After the horses lunch of apples, carrots, frosted shredded wheat, cookies, and oat treats Slick sees us coming with his favorite after dinner drink!
Ya...The Bossman always packs Coors Lite for Slick!
Time to pack up and mount up for our 5 mile ride down to the Palm Canyon trail that will take us into the Indian Canyons where Bigfoot left the horse trailer for us!Little Lady is in the lead and keeping an eye out for wild cattle that we sometimes come across in these parts!
We see some of this here and there!
Either Lady or I moved...but I really like this picture anyway!
UH OH!!! No way around it either!!!
This is all we see all around us!!!
No worries...The Bossman will cut us a path through this jungle!
However...the path through is so low that we all have to dismount and walk the horses through keeping their heads down low!

As we come out the other side this is our view. A small grassy valley with these rocky mountains all around it!

And here I must leave you in suspense...there is no way I can tell this story any other way! It is about 1:pm. We will remount in the next post...!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. cant wait to hear the rest !

    I like the way you kids trail ride ! Mimosas and pack lunch! awesome

  2. I can't imagine riding my horse up there! The so called hardest part of the trail freaked me out just looking at the pictures. Looking forward to the next installment.

  3. I haven't ridden that have I? Can't wait to hear the best part!

  4. D Devoe can't remember if she rode around that teeny tiny rock cliff!!! You know it's no wonder you guys got lost when you get your lead horse DRUNK halfway there! Pretty scenery though before the terror sets in.

  5. I would not have ridden on those rocks!! Not unless I had some liquid courage!! And only on a sane horse, not my crazy little Arab!
    Beautiful up there though!!

  6. Whooohooo! A beer drinking pony and a Mimosa sloshed cowboy and two cowgirls! What a trip!

    I'm waiting in suspense for part 2!


  7. Wow great post! Beautiful country you get to ride in, don't know if Gilly would like that but he sure would like the beer! He LOVES beer, maybe I could dangle one on the end of a stick to get him going! LOL

  8. That is so much fun! I envy your awesome trail riding space.

  9. You'd better explain in detail how you LOST THE TRAIL in the next post!! I still can't wrap my head around that. Especially since you'd ridden this trail before!!! Hurry up and post the next chapter!

  10. Thanks for the kuddos on how I went around that "tricky part." A LITTLE SNEAKY, but...guess I managed it! I think I tricked my kids something like that when they were small...hmmmm guess what goes around comes around....And you leave the cowboys alone!!! I Love the attention! :-) Nice post though I knew you'd have better detail cuz your're better informed about those areas etc....

  11. Uh oh... this doesn't sound good! Or maybe it is, depending on who you are! I'll be back to catch the ending to this tale. :)


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