Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh What a Night! (part 4)

Dear Readers,
In honor of the one year anniversary if our "unscheduled overnight on the PCT" I will be re posting the story one segment each day for the next week. If you read about our adventure last year...please feel free to skip it. If you have NOT heard our story might want to take notes...cause we never thought it could happen to us either ;)

It was amazing... that all night, all I could think about was the sun rising and figuring out how to get off that damn mountain! Not because I was cold...I was colder than a witches tit. Not because I was hungry or thirsty for that matter...but I knew our horses were and I just didn't know how I could face them if we did not find water soon for them. They had worked so hard for us! I also lay there thinking about how I could have killed off one of my PONY COUSIN'S and Baby Doll is my favorite one too! ( family joke that no one ever laughs at!) I knew Baby Doll would have another hard day and I was running out of pills to drug her with. I knew the Bossman would do everything he could to get us outta there...but even though he sometimes thought he was a god...he could not preform a miracle! Yes...I was feeling VERY anxious about our predicament...rather the horses predicament. You see Baby Doll's son was a helicopter pilot and not just any helicopter pilot, he was one of those guys that could fly in and rescue her from the top of this shitty mountain. I knew that if I did not get her off this mountain soon...he would!!! And even though he could bring a sling for the horses...I was not ready to go there...yet!!!

At the crack of dawn everyone stirred and the Bossman growled that it was time to get up!!! Now Baby Doll and I were quite snug and comfy at the moment and really did not want to move outta that "threesome" bed of ours. The Bossman said he was going to scout the top of the mountain and see where he thought we should go. However Baby Doll and I just knew he needed to drop a chalupa somewhere and wanted privacy! Speaking of chalupas...on the way to the stables yesterday morning I divulged the info to Baby Doll that I had NOT had my coffee poo poo yet and hoped I would before the ride. Baby Doll confessed that she was up the same shit creek without a paddle as me and we both wished each other well in getting that mission accomplished! Chalupa's bring up another important part of our survival story. Baby Doll's biggest concern during the inventory of supplies...was the toilet paper supply!!! She was really on the verge of panic, when I produced for her 2 mini rolls and one package of cowgirl Kleenex, unopened! That seemed to settle her down a bit but I saw the Bossman secretly load a syringe of ace to keep handy!!!

When we finally decide we had to get up this was our sight!Jesse was enjoying the beautiful sunrise too! We immediately went to find the little girls see our chalupas from yesterday had eluded us both... and that was somewhat scary to mount up with that issue unresolved.Up this little hill to the right is our destination! Can you pick out what looks to be a fence post in this picture??? Well it is a fence post. You see the is also a barbed wire fence running across these mountains that has also been a problem for us to get places. I can confirm though... that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The fence is to keep the cows that live up here in the right spot. We were lucky in a few places the fence was down and we could get through. In other places the when the fence blocked our way the Bossman in listed his "GOD COMPLEX" and sure enough...just like the Red Sea...the fence parted for us to safely get through! Good thing one of us was a JEW!!!

Baby Doll and I find empty stalls and begin to begin... our morning duty when all of a sudden Bay Doll is screaming at the top of her voice. You see I was not in a good position to run over and save her from this thing that must have been attacking her so I yell out...what!!!! Did you see the Bossman's chalupa??? She's screaming you are NOT going to believe this...over and over. I finally get over to her and she holds something out to me in her hand! Yup...a cigarette lighter! Or shall I say a" fuckingcigarettelighter"!!! She is just beside see she just now put her hand in the pocket of the fleece jacket I had brought for her and when she did...well what can I say! If she had not been so busy with her hands on face book last night she might just have put her hands into the pocket to keep warm...but not Baby Doll who quite frankly was enjoying being the center of "her" FACEBOOK WORLD! Baby Doll made me "pinky swear" not to tell the Bossman...not sure why she was sacred of what he would do to her... but I convinced her we should do this!
After all the fire ring was still in place and our toes were on the verge of frost bite. I told Baby Doll that we would tell the Bossman we had used my handy little mirror and magnifying glass in my trails kit to light this fire!!! The Bossman did not fall for this as easily as I thought he would however he was not too hard on Baby Doll!
We still have not made up our bed yet...time to get started packing up! Ya...we have a big mess to clean up here...don't leave a trace!

I decide that I will ride Jesse today as now he is cranky about his hoof... AND, no breakfast! We saddle up and start loading the bags for our ride outta here.
The Desert Rose looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet!
Baby Doll gives Jesse a scratch on his neck!
All mounted up...we face our next challenge getting over this hill full of more "rock jumps and slides"! See the small peak in the background??? That is the tallest peak in our range of mountains...we are pretty damn high up!!!
Here we go...bushwhacking our way up the hill! After an hour or so of up and down 2 hills we come to this! At first I think it is a mirage...could it possible be...yes it is our trail marker, called a Cairn! Could possibly be one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen!!!
I do believe that it will only take one more post for you to reach the end of the trail with us...stay tuned!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. That is a beautiful sunrise you woke up too! I still can't believe you didn't find the lighter til morning!! You coulda had a fire all night!
    Glad you were finally making it outta there!

  2. This is the best story I've heard in a long time. Sounds like something that happened a hundred years ago, except for the cigarette lighter and Facebook. I hope you made her buy the first round for that one!

  3. I can't believe you went all night with a poo AND your smokes ! You must have been "JOnes-ing" pretty hard by morning !

    Note to self: must reconsider my entire trail bag components this year!

  4. Lovely, just lovely. So glad you were able to resolve your plumbing issues finally! And that you finally found the trail!

  5. ROFLMBO! Chalupas??? I'm just cracking up imagining all three of you wandering around the rocks trying to unload your chalupas. lol! If the horses could only talk, what stories they could tell. I'd like to hear their story! heheh!

    And kudos for you surviving with your smokes. Who knew that getting lost in the desert would be a great way to quit smoking. *snort*!

    Call me bad, but I almost don't want this story to end. It's just too gosh darn entertaining!


  6. WHat a story! I think it would be kinda fun! Don't even think it!!!

  7. OMG!!! Is NOTHING sacred in this story???

  8. Thank Heavens you didn't have to use Cowboy TP! ...and I will never look at a chalupa the same way again! LOL!

  9. This is an unbelievable story! I haven't been able to blog in a long time, and even though it is getting late and I have to get outside to put our horses in, I just HAD to read all 4 parts....amazing photos....amazing adventure!! I am in awe of all of you for your riding and coping skills! Can't wait to see how it turns out....

  10. This is the best part yet, but Auntie I think maybe there is a little TMI! Too Much Information! It was a hoot though, I am so glad you all made it back safely, I can just imagine how worried and scared you were all night long.

  11. Hee hee! I love Cousin B's comment....
    Jesse looks beautiful in the sunrise. This is the story of all stories....and hopefully a one and only event. Don't get any wild ideas this summer about writing a sequel, little missy! xo


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!