Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh What a Night! (part 3)

In honor of the one year anniversary if our "unscheduled overnight on the PCT" I will be re posting the story one segment each day for the next week. If you read about our adventure last year...please feel free to skip it. If you have NOT heard our story might want to take notes...cause we never thought it could happen to us either ;)

Time: 6:00pm.
Altitude: 5500 ft.
Expected Low Temperatures: 27 to 32 Degrees.

Inventoried Beverage Supplies: 13 Bottles of Water, 2 Jack's Hard Lemonade, 3 Mini Bottles Champagne, 1/2 pint Fresh OJ

Inventoried Food: 5 Snack Packs Cashews, 5 Mini Cheese Squares, 3 Bags Lunch Box Chips, 3 Snack Pack Cookies, 1/2 Gallon Bag of Grapes, 5 Snack Bags Carrots, 1/2 Gallon Bag Horse Cookies

Inventoried Emergency Horse Gear: See Picture ( Jesse is wearing easy boot)
Inventoried Human Emergency Gear: See Picture
Inventoried Emergency Items Not Needed: See Picture
Emergency Equipment Needed : See Picture!!!
As we met up with the Bossman...he had scouted out an area that both the horses and we could spend the night safely. He quickly tied the horses as Bronco and I untied the saddle bags from them. The Bossman then called Big Foot to tell him to turn around and go back home...we would not be needing a ride tonight. Bronco was the only one with cell service s she called her Dear Hubby and asked him to call my Loving Husband and "try" to explain what happened! As I unloaded the saddle bags to inventory what we had...Bronco and the Bossman began gathering firewood while we could still see a bit. They also gathered rocks to build a fire ring. matches lighter! I had almost brought my cigarettes but decided it was not fair to Bronco who had just quit smoking a few months back!!!
After we got over the disappointment of this discovery, Bronco said she had seen a survival movie where they said you could do this to start a fire.Yes...Bronco is rubbing 2 stix together!!! We also tried striking 2 rocks against each other which did produce sparks...but we could not get them to light the moss we had gathered. The Bossman even tried gun powder next to the sparks, but alas, NOFUCKINGFIRE!!! I think that at this point most of you will say that I deserve a freebe or 2 from the cuss jar! At least someone found use for the wood we had gathered!
Jesse played with that wood on and off ALLFUCKINGNIGHT!!! Also notice the duct tape on Jesse's hoof over the easy boot???
As I got the trail bags unloaded I was throwing the items needed for "our bed" to the spot we had picked as the best for survival. It was surrounded by high rock that wrapped around to wind did have a few unmovable rocks in the way but someone would just have to deal with them! I think this is a good time to mention that once it was decided that we would be spending the night out there...Baby Doll called out that SHE got the middle spot! Now what you don't know is that this has been a running joke with the Bossman who never dresses warm enough that if we got caught out all night...he would get the middle! Well poor Bossman felt so bad that we had gotten Bronco into this mess that he let her have the middle...jacket or no jacket! So it is only fitting that the one in the middle gets the big rock in the middle to deal with. Kinda reminds you of the story about the "Princess and the Pea" doesn't it. Guess that big rock will knock that imaginary Tiera off of Baby Dolls head...she was sure beginning to think she was a princess with all that attention she was getting from the Bossman and Big Foot!

By now The Desert Rose had completed all the invetories of what we had on hand for our unfortunate overnight stay in the mountains. it was decided by all that we would each take one bottle of water to get us through the rest of our adventure and that the horses would get the rest. We also voted that the horses got their leftover lunch treats and all the carrots. They would get 2 bottles each from the little red bowl and the treats tonight...then one bottle water in the morning. Notice in this picture Jesse sees the water in the Desert Rose's hand and is very ready for his drink. Thank goodness they all had all they could drink at lunch!!!
The Bossman is getting gunpowder from a bullet! We are a bit chilly but decide to wait to put on our fleece jackets until later!
Notice that our resident Stallion has been tied safely away from the other 2 horses??? Well...he was a bit of a SISSY and did not like it, so the Bossman moved him to be with the herd. However...Slick could not be near Little Lady, so Jesse had to put up with Slick biting his butt all night. At one point Jesse began to butt buck him though and Slick figured he better stop it or he would get moved back to his former spot. Jesse did have some marks on him the next day...but more like love bites than fight bites!
It is discovered around this time also that we have a flashlight...with dead batteries! Maybe we should use "Miss Flashlight Eyes!" In the end we use my cell phone as a flashlight as there is no service up here!
It is now heading on 8 pm. The horses have been watered and fed (poor babies) all the gear is settled for the night and we are finally ready to settle down ourselves as the temps have really started to drop now. We all have all our personal extra clothes on and it is time to get hunkered down for "The Big Chill"! We will each use our saddle bags for a head and butt cushion as we decided to keep the horse's saddled to keep their body heat in also. So no saddle pads to cushion our bed! We fill in the other areas with our pommel bags as best as we can. Fortunately the emergency gear included an "astronaut blanket" which we had to share. There was an "old ladies" rain hat for me that kept my head heat in...Bronco wore her helmet and the Bossman tied a napkin around his ears under his hat. Each of us picked a cowgirl courage beverage and took our assigned place in the bed! We all had gloves...although Bronco decided to post on facebook about our delema!

Considering the circumstances we all seem to be in pretty good spirits and soon Bronco begins getting responses to her post.

"Bronco" is stranded on a mountain with cousin, cowboy and horses. couldn't make it out before dark so will have to spend the night under a rock, am seriously wondering about my decision to quit smoking now. we have no matches and can't start a fire. This little tidbit really heated up the airways and soon we were laughing as Bronco read us all the posts our dear family and friends left for us. Of the 44 related comments that are some samplings.

1. Is the Cowboy good looking? Makes a difference on how sorry I feel for you!

2. Gives an all new meaning to "which rock did she crawl out from!"

3. This isn't going to turn into one of those "Brokeback" it?

4. How cold can it get in Palm Springs???

5. If you get a snake bite pee on it...or is that a jelly fish?

6. You got "LEMONADE" don't you???

7. Does your Blackberry have fire starter application???

We really did laugh a lot at these... it made comments like"how bad can it be if you're updating your facebook" seem funny!!!

However...there was one comment that really did help us that night from the "Rosebud" who bought me my 1st Pendleton Saddle Blanket. She reminded me to use them!!! We got out of the warmish bed and went over on stole those puppy's right off the 2 horses backs...of course leaving the saddle pads. NEW RULE: Every rider will put decorative Pendleton Blanket over Saddle Pad for use in SURVIVAL MODE!!!
It was now time to pull out the big gun blanket!!! Time to stop communication with the rest of the world...time for the horses to stop pawing...time for Slick to quit biting Jesse's butt...time to roll over and try to get some sleep so we won't really know how cold it is getting! Time for one last picture!
Bronco alias Baby Doll!

The Bossman!
The Desert Rose!
All huddled beneath this shinny new blanket just starting to drift off...

JESSE...quit Pawing!!!

Eyes heavy...

Slick...quit biting Jesse's butt!




Bossman...give me your gun!!!

Baby Doll says...Desert that your spur or are you just happy to see me???

Baby Doll Shivers...Desert Rose wraps her arms and legs around Baby Doll who whispers "that feels good".

Desert Rose blows on Baby Dolls back to get warmth into her. Baby Doll whispers "don't stop...ya right there!"

The Bosmman says out loud...what is going on over there???

Baby Doll explains that she was just given a blow job by the Desert Rose and it really helped...Bossman said he was sure that it wold help...hint hint!

Baby Doll Giggles, but agrees to give Bossman a blow job too, as we are in survival mode!!!

The middle of the night the is a nudge at the Desert Rose's feet. Jesse is untied and came over to snuggle! UP & OUT of the cozy bed to retie Jesse.

It was amazing but you could see through the astro blanket. The stars were so bright and I could see the horses silhouettes too. Cold air kept creeping in all over...even Baby Doll in the middle had issues. She would not let the Bossman turn his happy side towards her...and when I turned my back to her also...she was all by herself in the middle...and FUCKINGCOLD! Fortunately...I carry a war chest of meds and knew I would be awake most of the night but vowed that I would not be in pain too! Bronco decided to play on my team. The astro blanket was very noisy so if someone moved a finger it would snap, crackle and pop! Plus we were so tight together in our bed that arms and legs were quickly all tangled up. Every so often we would have to rearrange the Penfleton Blankets at our feet then the astro blanket at the top. But the temperatures beneath the atsro blanket were 10 to 15 degrees warmer!!!
So again I do hate to leave you here...but no need to keeep you awake "allfuckingnight" too!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Ahaha that is hilarious!
    I would love to sleep in the desert, plus matches and food for my horse though.

  2. The story just gets funnier and better!

  3. Oh dear. By the way, are there snakes there this time of year, or do the cold temps keep them away? I would be more worried about creepy crawlies than wild animals! :)

  4. Oh my, what an adventure. Glad you were prepared, well mostly prepared.

  5. Looks like you are prepared for almost anything!! Dusty Devoe and I are gong to start planning what we need for our trail riding this next summer!! We rode today, her new saddle sure looks nice on Dusty!!

  6. Bossman's 'Happy Side'??? ROFLMBO!

    Gosh, you had me rolling several times reading your account from your trail ride night in the desert. Brrrr! I bet you hardly got any sleep at all.


  7. Your story is a crack-up! I love the attitude..make the best out of any situation and have fun! You gals really do "Cowgirl.. the Fu#k Up!" Proud of Ya!

  8. HOLY COW! You do know how to have some adventures D.R. :)
    This story is a page turner!


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