Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Year Anniverasy of The "UNSCEDULED OVERNIGHT ON THE PCT!!!"

There have been several things happen in the last week to help remind me of our "UNSCHEDULED OVERNIGHT ON THE PCT". The first is, that both the MGR and OWNER of my desert stables mentioned that our "anniversary was coming up next week and were we planning another overnight??? That was weird...who sent THEM the memo...and then "MY BABY DOLL" arrived to the desert!!!
Last year BABY DOLL and her hubby (ok...he's the real COUSIN) only spent a few weeks in our desert before heading to UMA! ( I know...hee hee) There in YUMA Baby Doll found a wonderful trainer whose name was the came as her daughter's...JAMIE! I am pretty sure that this has something to do with some regret that Baby Doll has in selecting our desert for her 'SNOWBIRD" stay this year!  But then who else but I...THE DESERT ROSE would give her such memories...I mean the ones of a lifetime...the ones even your grandchildren will want to listen to over and over again???
Our partner in CRIME...THE BOSSMAN... for sure let Baby Doll steal his heart on our adventure!!!
So to you my AMIGOS...Happy Anniversary!

In honor of our anniversary...I will be re-posting the 6 segments (over the next week) it took for me to write about our "UNSCHEDULED OVERNIGHT STAY ON THE MOUNTAIN"!!! Happy & Safe Trails!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. That was truly an amazing adventure. There are a lot of tough guys out there who would not have come through that ordeal as well as guys did. How about for your anniversary celebration, the 3 of you stay "in"; take it easy; do a lot of drinking?

  2. Hahah I remember reading that, too funny. So are you going out on another ride?

  3. Hope you three have many happy trails to ride and I can't wait to get down there to ride with the three of you!!! Are you ready my Little Lady!!

  4. Has it been a year already? How time flies!

  5. Yes,...We head out tomorrow! Looking forward to it and deciding I didn't bring enough WARM clothes. As I sit here on my patio, looking at those mountains, all I see is snow! Hmmm, But, in true Babydoll fashion, I will be up and ready to ride! Only this time, You can bet, I'll have many more supplies...One, being a lighter....A BIG one!

  6. That was one incredible story.. I tell it to all my horseback riding friends, especially when we are on an unfamiliar trail and someone is nervous about getting lost! I love to tell that story. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Wow, it's been a year already?? Where does the time go?? I hope you have a wonderful time w/BD. I can't wait to visit, too!!
    xo-PONY GIRL


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!