Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Cowgirl Purses"!

Several months ago my dear friend Luanne/Blue Eyed Tango posted about her closet. She had just remodeled her home and she now showed us all... what is, a perfect closet. Not too much...not too little. This however, it sure intimidated me because I have way too much of EVERYTHING!!!
I have only posted once about my "closet" and I had the most comments I have ever had for a post! What does that tell you...we all love what is in "the closet"!
So ...with a little bit of a RED face... here are my "Cowgirl purses"!

But...where does a Cowgirl start??? How does she show (off ) her purses, that every fashion magazine now says is the "tell all" about someone??? How about one at a time.

I decided to start with one on my "signature" purses. This purse pretty much tell it all. I am a cowgirl but it has just enough bling. You can't see it in this picture but the white on the purse is shaped like the great state of Texas!

This purse was made by the same company that made the 1st one. This is my favorite going out to dinner purse!This is a brown suede Scully purse and I also have the matching brown embroidered sweatshirt!

This is A PINTO BELLY ORIGINAL purse. It's neat cause you can buy different picture inserts or use one of your own!
A gift from the ROSA, my satin Dale Evan's purse does not get to go out much because the satin is fragile and could get stained easily. However she does get center front position in my purse display in my closet!!!

This purse is my FAVORITE cocktail/black tie purse. The rhinestones on top and the many different colors in the picture blend with almost any outfit!

This canvas tote is great for every day...although I don't use it much.
This black canvas purse does see a lot of action!

Great for out to dinner...too little for everyday or I would use this one a lot!

Not true cowgirl purses...however the Dior is a saddle bag and they are DENIM!

Another great out to dinner purse! guessed it, another out to dinner purse although I have the matching wallet that I always carry!I just adore this purse and use it when ever I don't need to carry "all my shit"!

This is the purse that gets soooooo many compliments! It's part of a family!

This purse is more delicate because of the suede...I am very careful where I take it!

Double duty for this one...cocktails or makeup bag!

The happy family!!!

I just love this purse...use it all the time. The Rosebud and I both got purses from this company at "Cowboy Xmas" last year. You pick your bag...then pick you strap. I could have gotten 20 or so of these great purses...but decided on 2!!!
This is the other bag I the turquoise strap!!!
2nd year purchase at "Cowboy Xmas"!

1st and 3rd year "Cowboy Xmas" purchases!

So here is a probably my absolute favorite bag! Yes..."Cowboy Xmas" last year. I will be showing several different shots so you can see all the pockets and zippers!!!

The woolly hair is a bit fragile...don't want it to get to frizzy on me so I use this with care!

And last...but not least, The Desert Rose signature red leather Rose purse!

The leather on this purse is as soft as the butt of the Rosette!!!

Thank you for taking this tour of my "Cowgirl Purses"! Of course... I have other non "Cowgirl Purses" but they will not get the fame of a blog post any time soon!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. OMG! Can one cowgirl really own all those purses???? Awesome collection Desert Rose :) (you may want to stayed tuned to my blog for something right up your alley~~coming soon!)

  2. I have been in your closet before, and know all about your purse collection! And clothes, and jewelry, should I go on? I thoroughly enjoy my shopping trips in your closet too! I did miss that this year!
    Love all your purses. They are all so cool!

  3. Oh dear. I thought it would never stop! I love the second one, that one has seen a lot of use! The first one is cool, and your favorite cocktail/black tie purse (I get dibs on that one, LOL!) You have some new ones I haven't seen! You must have an organized purse to get things transferred so quickly! Which reminds me, I have a purse of yours that you left a set of keys in! Had them for 2 yrs, I just discovered they were in the zipper pocket inside. ;) I guess you aren't missing them?

  4. Wow... I want your hand me downs.. thought I doubt that will ever happen, as they are all so cool..

    I was amazed as they kept coming, one after another.. girlfriend.. you are cowgirl for sure!

  5. Wow!!! What a lot of beautiful purses! I only have two or three purses, I would rather buy stuff for Gilly than me! I never was one to collect, shoes, purses or jewelry??? Don't know why. Love the English saddle purse!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  6. I love the cowhide one! that's my favorite!

  7. No WAY does Pony Girl get first dibs! Who does she think she is. I'll fight her to the death! Just kiddin' PG. I've got a few of your daughter's hand me down purses I use all the time. They are not cowgirl themed though. I'm guessing if you were to pass on any cowgirl purses, I'd have to get through Mom, Auntie, AND Pony Girl first. The second one was my favorite, but they're all keepers.

  8. The PURSES would fill my closet!!! I love them all.

  9. Ever practical, I like the black canvas one. My critters might do 'something' to the ones with hair LOL!

  10. Good Heavens!! What a collection! I guess you DO have a lot of stuff!

  11. What a show Desert Rose...I LOVE the red one with the Torquoise strap. Nice collection!

  12. Oh my word! Where do you keep all those amazing purses? You do know you have an obsession, right? And how often do you really go out to dinner to use all those dinner purses? lol!

    I'm embarassed to say that I've only got about 5-6 purses...and they are all casual, except for one vintage beaded purse that belonged to my Mom. Heck one of my purses is a recycled pillowcase! lol!
    I love that boot purse. I may have to make me one of those after shopping at the thrift store for some second hand boots. And that bran!
    So what is Cowboy Xmas, and why do they have so many cool cowgirl bags there?

    Girl! Do you have any bag limits....or will you be needing to move to a bigger house just to store them all one day?



  13. That is quite the collection of purses. It must be so much fun collecting them. Perhaps one day they will be available during when the cousins visit and shop at Auntie J's closet!!


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